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    Last Minute DIY Halloween Slime

    Looking for a last minute Halloween DIY? We’ve got you covered. This super easy slime can be used for any kind of holiday decoration. Just add holiday decor or glitter to get your desired look.

    This is fun activity to do with frieds and so easy. You can find these ingredients at a Michaels, Hobby Lobby or any local craft store.  What DIY activites do you want to see next? Comment below.

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    Halloween Comfort Rules

    Halloween Comfort Rules

    Have you found that perfect costume yet? Do you already know where you plan to be on Halloween night? Halloween is that one night a year where it is okay to stay out late, play some pranks, eat tons of sweets, tell chilling stories, and wear something not appropriate for day-to-day activities. In high school, Halloween falls around the time for Homecoming. This means some costumes will get to be worn at school. Of course, there are specific dress codes that need to be followed, but it’s still fun, right? Keep that in mind when choosing your costume for after school functions.

    Your outfit does not have to meet school standards, but don’t think that you will be a prude if you wear something that does. I wore a ton of different types of costumes over the ages, and I have to say that my favorite ones were when I was comfortable and warm. If someone is pressuring you to wear something that you don’t want to, then just let them know they are making you uncomfortable. You don’t have to be “sexy” for someone to want to spend time with you.

    On another note, if you do wear something a little more revealing, that has no reflection on your sexuality. You are not automatically willing to sleep around just because you wanted to wear something that you thought made you look good. Girls and guys can be mean about these sorts of things, so don’t take their words to heart. I’m sure you will be beautiful in whatever you choose to wear.

    If you plan to go to a party without adult supervision, try to follow these rules as best you can for your safety: 

    •  Know at least 2 people that are attending
    • Have a close friend stay by your side the whole night, or know where you are at all times
    • Do not accept drinks from strangers
    • Always watch the person who is pouring your drink, carefully
    • Have a designated driver, or have a plan for a car service
    • Let a parent or guardian know where you are going
    • Drinking underage is illegal
    • If you have been drinking and something happens to your health or someone else’s, call the police! Even if you have been breaking the law by underage drinking, it is still very important that you contact proper authorities if someone is hurt or their life is at risk

    Halloween parties can be a lot of fun, just be sure to pay attention to what’s going on.  

    Here are some additional safety sites to check out: 

    1. Party Safely:
    2. Sexual Harassment law:
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    Being Ready to Vote

    Being Ready to Vote

    Do you vote on class president? Do you vote for homecoming court? How is your prom queen or king chosen? Do you get a vote during class for certain activities? You’ve probably been voting since a young age, and you just never thought about what that truly means. It means you have a voice. You get to decide somewhat of what the outcome of something is. It may be a collective vote where your choice didn’t win, but at least you got the option to vote in favor or against something.

    When I was in high school I never imagined myself voting, whether that meant for state elections or for presidency. I never cared much about politics or what that meant for me. Somehow, I found myself in a situation where my vote would have counted had I chosen to give my input on something. My friends wanted to decide what we were doing for the evening, and they all took a vote. There were seven of us, but I chose not to say anything, because I didn’t want to come off too picky. The vote totaled out with three wanting to go ice skating, and four wanting to go to the movies. I really wanted to go ice skating, and had I voted we would have had to come to some other option.

    It may seem silly that I’m relating my vote for what to do on a Saturday night versus voting for a president, but it does make sense. It was something that I wanted to do and chose not to do anything about. There are probably times where you critique the president in power or say something negative about a local judge or governor. You have the power to do something about it. It all starts now, when you’re young and are not quite old enough to vote. You should be doing research on the candidates, look into how there run in office may shape your future.

    If you think about it, the older generation in power get to say what the younger generation can and should do. We can make a difference in how our future is shaped by voting when we are old enough, or by being aware of our surroundings while we’re still young. You could probably check with local candidates and try to join their campaign teams. You might not be old enough to vote yet, but that does not mean you can’t know the candidates well enough to voice your opinion to those who can vote.

    Here are some links to check out regarding voting and campaigns:

    • If you are 18 or older and live in Alabama, you can register to vote at this site:
    • If you are 18 years or older and live in a different state than Alabama, go to google and type in: register to vote in [your state].
    • Alabama political parties:
    • If you want to volunteer for someone’s campaign: look up their information on google, search their website for volunteer opportunities. If there are no volunteer options on the site, then call the number they have listed at the bottom of their web page.
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    6 Free Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

    Smartphone apps have undoubtedly made life easier for us. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t get monthly reminders for my period, or if I didn’t have a budget management app. This article will explore free apps that other people should know about.

    Flo + myPill (period tracker and birth control reminder apps)
    With Flo (a period tracker) all you need to do is log your period in the app’s calendar, and it predicts when your next cycle will be by sending you an alert on your phone several days in advance. It gives insights into your body’s health when you log your symptoms during menstruation. Additionally, it tells you what days you are most likely to get pregnant.

    Although similar to Flo in some ways, the app myPill has more features and serves as a birth control reminder. Users can select several different types of contraceptives such as the pill, the NuvaRing, and the patch. It allows users to record side effects of whatever birth control/ contraceptive they are using.

    If you download the app, you’ll get reminders for when to take or change out your chosen method of birth control, and it will send you reminders for placebo days. Even more useful is that you’ll get reminders when you need to schedule yearly OB/GYN visits.

    Another feature is that it can store your prescription information, which your doctor will appreciate. Additionally, it has a nifty graphic for pill users that shows how many pills you have left. The only downside to all of this is that some user reviews indicate that payment is necessary for access to features that should be free, so be wary.

    Click here to access Flo:

    Click here to access myPill:

    Click here for a more comprehensive list of birth control apps:

    Circle of 6 (personal safety app)
    The premise of Circle of 6 is very simple. You input six phone numbers, and when you need to contact your six, the app has various icons that allow you to select the message you would like to send out to them.

    The pin icon sends out a text with your GPS coordinates to your six explaining that you be picked up, and that you need to get home safely. The phone icon sends a text out to your six saying that you need someone to call you and pretend to need your help because you need an interruption. The chat icon lets your six know that you need to talk to someone.

    In addition to services you can access by tapping the icons, the app also gives you direct access to various national hotlines, such as the domestic abuse hotline or a LGBT+ crisis hotline.

    Click here to access Circle of 6:

    Click here for a more comprehensive list of personal safety apps:

    Mint (budget management app)
    Depending on your age, you may have more experience with budgeting than others. But now is the best time to start learning budget management if you haven’t.

    Mint is a wonderful starting place that allows users to see all of their bills and money in one place. When you first download the app it will recommend some budgets based on your spending which you can adjust as you see fit.

    It sends reminders when bills are due and will send you alerts when your funds get low. It can help you create savings goals and also help you allocate money for necessities.

    These are just some of the many features that Mint offers, and it can really pave the way for healthy spending habits in the future.

    Click here to access Mint:

    Libby + Hoopla (apps for library ebooks, audiobooks, music, and comics)
    Libby is probably my favorite app on the whole list. You just enter your library card number into the app after downloading it, and it gives you free access to hundreds of different ebooks and audiobooks straight from your phone.

    Since it is a library app, the material you borrow on your phone gets “returned” to the library after 14 days unless you request an extension. Additionally, you must sometimes place holds on materials and wait for them to become available.

    Libby lets you sort and browse by genre, title, or author name. There are several different search parameters you can set beforehand to help you narrow it down. For example, you can preselect audiobooks to exclusively appear in your search results. Moreover you can tag books to read for later or add them to lists that you create.

    An alternative to Libby would be Hoopla, which is similar to Libby in premise but allows you to borrow movies and music in addition to ebooks and audiobooks. However, Hoopla isn’t as user friendly or well formatted as Libby. That being said, a combination of both apps is a great way to access lots of different titles and entertainment for free.

    Click here to access Libby:

    Click here to access Hoopla:

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    Social Media: the New Plague

    There is a new disease all around us, and there is no stopping it now. It is contagious yet unnoticed, deadly yet praised, hated yet loved. Unlike the diseases we’ve all born witness to, this one is different. It has the ability to change not only our bodies but how we think as a modern society. It is the biggest epidemic the world has ever seen, affecting over 3 billion people, and is estimated to kill 1.53 million people in the year 2020. Now, this is not a new strand of chicken pox or malaria. It is not something we can hide from or pray away but, by God, it is something to fear. It is intangible but accessible with the click of a screen: Social media.

    Throughout history, humans have always competed and compared with each other. It is the basis of survival. That human phenomenon is what fuels the success of apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Naturally, being able to show off what makes us better than the people around us and keep tabs on their lives draws us in. But, just as humans have done to rivers and forests, we’ve taken advantage of it. The point of social media is to skip ahead in time and introduce new technology and connectivity to people around the globe. But in the past 10 years of its reign, social media has brought us farther from positive change than ever. It has created a society where little girls idolize Instagram photos of reality stars like Kim Kardashian and Snapchats of supermodels like Gigi Hadid and think that that is perfection. It has created a society where young boys assume all women should look a certain way or run the risk of being considered ‘ugly’. We have adolescents who have no interest in writing, music, science or math but give all their attention to videos that sexualize men and women, and teach kids that beauty lies only the outside. No wonder over one million children and teenagers commit suicide per year with the causes tied directly to social media.

    Social media was never a place for positivity no matter how many likes or heart eyes we see on our posts. It has defined what’s cool and what’s lame, what’s acceptable and what’s crossing a line, what’s attractive and what’s repulsive. It isn’t just influencing what we like and what we don’t like, it is dictating it. We lend our ears to opinions from ‘Instagram models’ rather than ivy leave scholars because social media has taught us that attention should come from our appearances. More than that, it has given people room to shoot words like bullets under the protection of a pseudonym and has given young kids excuses to experiment with drugs, alcohol, sex, and hate. Social media has made it easy to judge others and difficult to love ourselves.

    Now I am the first to say that social media has taught us a lot. It has taught us cultural literacy and has allowed us to connect to people and events across the globe. But, the cost? Children and teens with anorexia, bulimia, social anxiety, depression, kidnappings, online predators, and an easy way to show prejudice and hate.
    But, unlike diseases in the past, no matter how hard we try, there is no chance to cure it. And we’ve tried. We are at a point where parents are banning their children from having any forms of social media in hopes that their kids won’t succumb to the peer pressure, judgment, and unobtainable standards that come with downloading a couple of free apps and scrolling through a timeline for ten minutes. We’re at a point where people are doing shock therapy to keep themselves away from their social media. We are at a point where teenagers are doing everything from starving themselves to drugs to getting procedures to fit the mold.

    To be honest, I am afraid. I am afraid that we will be the generation that forgets the Pythagorean Theorem, that has no trouble recalling how many likes our most recent Instagram post received. I am afraid that we will grow up not knowing how to do our taxes or raise a family but will know exactly how to filter a selfie perfectly. I am afraid that our goals have changed and our idea of perfection has been skewed.

    There is no real solution to the issue. We can’t create an international ‘No electronics’ day to let people see life through their eyes, not their phones. We can’t ban our kids from downloading Instagram or Snapchat. We can’t report every single inappropriate, negative comment we see. But, we also can’t pretend we don’t see the negative effects social media has had on our society. All we can do is spread positive messages about inclusion on our social media platforms and preach self-love, the importance of education, and try to live our lives outside of our phone screens.

    We decide how we want social media to affect us, not the other way around.