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    How To GLOW UP This Summer

    So, it’s finally the summer. You’re looking forward to laying out in the sun, hanging with your besties, and taking some time to yourself. But the summer is good for something else too, and we all know what it is…. glowing up. No, I don’t mean playing with glow sticks. I mean glow up. Urban Dictionary defines glow up as “when someone becomes really attractive after they hit puberty.” Now maybe you’re thinking to yourself “I’m past puberty! I missed my glow up time!” No need to fret, my friend! It is NEVER too late to glow up. And the summer is the perfect time! You have a couple months off from seeing everyone at school, so you can come back looking completely different. Without further ado, I present to you, how to glo up this summer.

    Visit a hairstylist

    Visiting a hairstylist is one of the easiest (and most fun!) ways to change your whole look in a single day. A new haircut can completely change your appearance and face shape, so a good hairstyle is a must. It’s important to visit a hairstylist so that you can ask a professionals opinion on what hair color and cut will look best with your look! Make sure if you set an appointment to bring photos of the hair you want, so your stylist will know exactly what you’re going for.

    Experiment with make up

    If you’re a girl and you’ve never experimented with make up before, it can really change your appearance! One of the best ways to get exposure to make up and how to learn some tips is by the magical and wonderful world of no other than Youtube. You can simply search “Make up tutorial” on Youtube, and millions of videos will pop up. The good news with the summer is that you have plenty of time to practice and perfect your look! That way, if a makeup tutorial goes wrong, you can just wash it right off and nobody even saw! And if you decide you don’t like wearing make up, then it makes your life even easier!

    Get healthy

    Something good for your body, skin, and mental health is deciding to get healthy! Getting healthy can be as easy as deciding to work out a few days a week, or limiting the amount of junk food you eat. The healthier you become, the better you will feel! Plus being healthy helps you live your best life, so this one should be near the top of your list.

    Take care of your body

    Whether it be through skin care, working out or taking time to yourself, taking care of your own body can make a huge difference. From treating yourself to a mani pedi, finding a toothpaste that whitens your teeth, or even finding the perfect shade of self-tanner, taking care of your body has a huge impact on the way you look. This means going to the doctor, dentist, dermatologist- you name it! Your body is all you’ve got- so treat it with some respect!

    Become confident with who you are

    If you have any sort of transformation this summer before coming back to school, let it be this- learn to be confident in your own skin! You don’t have to look any specific way to “glo up” because glowing up should be the way you feel about yourself. If you learn to love the reflection in the mirror, it will translate into the way other people see you!

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    Skin Care Tips for Teens

    Skin Care Tips for Teens: Routine is Key
    by Sarah Sawyer, M.D.

    Keep it clean:
    Gently wash your face twice daily. This will help avoid buildup of oil and dead skin that can lead to clogged pores and acne.
    Remove all of your makeup every night. If you don’t, the makeup may prevent your acne treatments from working and also lead to more clogged pores.
    Do not use products that over-process with harsh ingredients like menthol, witch hazel, alcohol or abrasive scrubs. The irritation they cause will likely cause an imbalance in your skin barrier resulting in redness, increased oil production, dry flaky patches and possibly more breakouts.
    If you have a daily activity such as football or soccer practice, keep a package of baby or facial wipes with you to clean the sweat and dirt from your face as soon as you finish.
    Try not to pick at a pimple. Picking at this delicate skin will increase your risk of scarring.
    In the shower, wait to wash your back and face until after washing and conditioning your hair to prevent these products from leaving a residue on your skin. Do the same when brushing your teeth.

    Keep it Simple:
    The two best over-the-counter ingredients to fight acne are Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. Benzoyl Peroxide is good for red, irritated, inflamed bumps. Salicylic Acid is good for blackheads and clogged pores. Spot or area treat rather than treat the entire face.
    Use a lightweight moisturizer with sunscreen every day.

    Ask for Help:
    If your breakouts become bothersome or unmanageable, see a dermatologist. They can work with you to find the right treatment combination. Be patient. Give feedback and follow up.

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    You are Beautiful

    Once upon a time, there was a girl. A girl with the clothes, the shoes, the hair, the body, the makeup, and the boyfriend. She lived in a beautiful home with a perfect family and perfect life in general. She walks into school with a big smile and her beautiful hair flows as the wind picks it up. Her hips sway from side to side as all the boys stare- *cough cough* Haha no…

    That never happened nor will it. Listen here girls, that story should have started with ‘Once Upon a Never Time’ because it’s not real. It’s a fairytale. It’s merely a dream that society made up just to make you buy the makeup, the clothes, and the shoes. These people made it so that when you pick out an outfit or makeup they get to judge you or they think they automatically know who you are. I want to get to the point and get to it quickly…

    You are you. Not her. Not the girl next door. No! You are you. Not that made up fantasy. Your face is gorgeous and when people say otherwise, smile and thank them for their opinion (even though you couldn’t find on a map where you asked for it.) Sure, you may not have the Gigi Hadid high-end fashion or Kylie Jenner makeup but you know what? Who cares! My mother used to tell me that I should be grateful for what I have (not saying you aren’t) and to love everything I have, and if I don’t then I’m looking at it all wrong. I need to change my perspective.

    I’m sixteen and for about a year I wore makeup from the minute I woke up, to when I was about to go to bed. I didn’t like my face without it. I thought I was ugly. I thought everyone would run and hide when they saw me without it. Then this year I went with my church to summer camp, I spent so much time packing and picking the makeup I was going to wear. When I put everything into the back of the car, it must have fallen out. I grabbed the bags and threw them on the bus not paying any mind to the makeup that fell out. When I arrived at the camp and looked through my bag, I freaked out, almost crying.

    I had to spend a whole week without makeup… and no one stopped talking to me. No one ran and hid. No one gave me the side-eye. I know what you’re thinking “But you haven’t seen me yet” but guess what, I don’t have to. I know for a fact that whatever you look like, you’re beautiful in every aspect.
    Here’s a challenge for all of you, I want you to wash that makeup off and look in the mirror and say aloud ‘I am beautiful’ and ‘I like me for me’ every day until you start to believe it because, to me, you are.

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    TV Perfect

    Things are complicated
    though they should not be.
    Many of us are underrated
    while other are considered better than we.

    Why they are greater
    I do not know.
    Many say it doesn’t matter,
    but I won’t let it go.

    They have taught us to be like them
    not ourselves.
    They are gems
    we are just little house elves.

    They shine on television.
    We watch,
    Jealousy clouding our vision.
    We see them superior when they aren’t all that much.

    They are pretty.
    They are rich.
    Adored like a kitty.
    They sure have us bewitched.

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    Lady Gaga Hits Back at Super Bowl Body-Shamers: ‘I’m Proud of My Body’

    Lady Gaga is hitting back at body-shaming trolls who criticized her figure during her Super Bowl halftime show.

    The “Bad Romance” singer, 30, was on the receiving end of some very nasty comments following her epic performance. But she was determined not to let the negativity get to her, and on Tuesday, February 7, she took to Instagram to combat the comments.

    “I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too,” she captioned a photo of herself performing at the sporting event. “No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don’t need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions. thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys. Xoxo, gaga.”

    Despite her incredible show, some people chose to focus on her body instead, and when she whipped off her Versace bodysuit and strutted her stuff in a pair of tiny, silver hot pants and football pads, her fabulous figure came under fire.

    Gaga’s “Little Monsters” leaped to her defense, slamming the trolls for criticizing her body.

    Many fans also thanked Gaga for proudly displaying her “less than perfect” stomach.

    #thankyougaga #girlspringforgaga

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    Why do you wear makeup?

    I started wearing makeup at a younger age than most girls. I had acne and the concealer I caked my face with was probably the only reason I could look people in the eyes. If I liked a boy in my class I wore more of it; I even wore it to my sport practices when I was younger. Putting on a full face of makeup just became something I did everyday and I assumed all the other girls did too. Then I started to question my daily routine and why I felt the need to wear makeup. I assumed early cave women didn’t need makeup to survive and everyone thought the boys in my class looked fine without it, so why did us girls need to wear it? Today I rarely wear makeup because I realized why I was wearing makeup: boys, and that just wasn’t a good enough reason to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to do something I didn’t even want to do.

    Having to make precious time in your daily routine to apply makeup is not the only sacrifice girls make to wear it. Makeup often irritates the skin, leading to blemishes and skin damage. Makeup can also be expensive and for many girls the money that goes to buying makeup would be better spent elsewhere. The sheer amount of time one has to spend to find the right makeup, become skilled in applying it, then put it on and take it off properly is immeasurable and many women feel uncomfortable in makeup but still wear it because of the societal pressure to. But even with all these downsides, if you’re a young woman you’re probably wear makeup regularly. In fact, in a 2013 survey of 572 girls from ages 8 to 18, 58% of the girls admitted to wearing makeup everyday and 27% of the girls who wear makeup said they never leave the house without it.

    So if you wear makeup everyday I want you to really ask yourself, “ Why do I wear makeup?”, and if the answer to that question is to impress someone or because everyone else does, I really want you to consider kicking the habit of wearing makeup.

    I’m not going to say that not doing something you feel society expects you to do isn’t hard, it might be really tough and you might even feel embarrassed but whatever you feel has been felt before by the women of the 1880’s when they decided to stop wearing corsets. Like makeup, corsets felt restricting, unnatural, and uncomfortable to some women but every woman wore them. An hourglass figure is what the society’s men chose was desirable to them and women shaped themselves accordingly. By the mid-1800’s enough feminists, physicians, and educators came out against this practice to begin the Rational Dress Movement or Victorian Dress Reform Movement. This movement was made up of mostly middle class women who were part of the first wave of feminism in the United States and Britain in the 1850’s through 1890’s. This was all during the Progressive era where women were also fighting for their right to vote and education and involved many influential feminists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Beecher, and Susan B. Anthony.

    Their aim was to “emancipate” women from the “dictates of fashion”, and whether or not you believe fashion can be empowering or constricting for women, their main enemy, the corset, proved to actually be harmful to a woman’s internal organs. These women faced a ridiculous amount of outrage and hostility for going against the society norm but we have them to thank for the freedom with fashion we have today. Every morning we don’t have to put on stockings with elastic bands that cut off circulation to our legs, we are not expected to wear a corset stiffened with whalebone that when tightly laced restricts our breathing and squeezes our internal organs, and we can even wear pants so I thank them for their bravery. I predict that future generations of girls will feel how we do about women in the past wearing corsets and be dumbfounded by why our generation spent so much time and energy on wearing makeup.

    So ask yourself, “Why do you wear makeup?”, and really think about your answer. Makeup can make some people feel more confident in their appearance and it can be a way for some to express themselves but we shouldn’t let it become something that constricts us or that we feel obligated to wear. Especially since so many women in our history faced ridicule and criticism so that we could have the freedom to dress how we want and do what we want today.


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