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5 Common Issues That Teen Girls Face

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Without a doubt, the teenage years are filled with several highs and lows. With about 42 million adolescents in the country, you are not alone. For some, it is a period of discovery and learning more about themselves. For others, it is the proverbial bridge that needs to be crossed to transition into adulthood. While people view the teenage years differently, it doesn’t change the fact that this stage is saddled with peculiar issues. You will have to be very careful during this period to ensure your bright future. On that note, here are some important issues worth knowing

Finding what fits a changing body

As hormones peak and kickstart a chain of rapid development in the body, it’s easy to feel burdened with choosing what to wear. Some teen girls experience rapid physical developments, which causes them to move a few sizes up. Sometimes, the size change happens within twelve months, which can be quite surprising. Others may also experience gradual physical changes until their late teens. No matter how fast or slow these changes happen, you might not know what to do about them. One of the first things you will have to change is your undergarments, from bras to underpants. In this case, you may want to stick with the best lingerie brands that consider all these body changes. Once you have figured that out, you can then move on to find other clothing items to fit your new body. It can be quite an exciting adventure to try on new clothes and styles, and you can have as much fun with it as possible. 

Unstable friendships

Friendship means a lot to a teenage girl. Sometimes, those girls you stuck with through grade school may become your inner circle throughout the teen years and beyond. However, with this comes other problems. Friendship may seem complex because you’re at a stage in life where your social skills are still developing. Therefore, it is not surprising to notice unstable relationships with your friends. One minute you’re all cool, but it’s a quarrel or other in the next. However, you can find ways to keep the peace with your buddies. But it is also good to be aware that it’s okay to outgrow certain friendships. And so, if your efforts to reconcile have not yielded positive results, you can just move on, still holding a special place in your heart for them. 

Low self-esteem

According to a Forbes article on teens, girls usually experience a drop in their self-esteem between age 11 and 14. When their bodies change, they may be dealing with acne and other body image issues. More importantly, the findings indicated that this is the age when most girls compare themselves with their peers. You may be questioning why your body changes aren’t the same as a friend’s.

Unfortunately, this creates undue pressure on you, resulting in low self-esteem and confidence issues. Research has proven that it’s quite normal for a teenage girl to experience fleeting moments of low self-esteem. On the other hand, it may be concerning when it tarries. At this stage, anything can negatively impact a teen girl’s self-esteem. Therefore, it helps to be surrounded by a positive support system of parents, close friends, and trusted adults.

Peer pressure

The strong urge to belong and be accepted among your contemporaries fuels peer pressure. And sometimes, you may want to give in. Sometimes, peer pressure is good, especially when it promotes positivity. However, due to the countless negative stories of peer pressure, it has unfortunately taken on a condemnatory meaning. To avoid falling victim to negative peer pressure, you may want to choose your friends wisely. Furthermore, it helps to seek guidance from your parents, other trusted adults, or older siblings on handling such situations.


During the teenage years, your raging hormones can impact your mood. It can also influence how you perceive things around you. Depression is a mood disorder, and unfortunately, teen girls can be affected. A 2019 Pew Research detected that many American teen girls fall victim to depression. Additionally, it was reported that girls are three times more likely to experience depressive episodes from age 13 to 19. According to the report, girls are more prone to depression because physiologically, they process stress differently. Even though the odds may be against teen girls, there are ways to prevent this. The first step is to speak to your parents or trusted adults in your life about your feelings. There is no shame in opening up. If necessary, you will have to speak to a professional, and you will likely feel better in no time.


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