Common Social Issues Teens Struggle With Daily

The teenage years! These are the years full of uncertainty about growing up and juggling all that happens in between. Each generation of teenagers encounters its own set of unique social challenges and issues. Unfortunately, most of these social issues or challenges have long-term effects that extend beyond the teenage years to scar the victims in their adult life. Understanding these social issues is the first step to preventing them. So, here are three common social issues teenagers face in 2022.


Depression is a common teenage social issue that has been around for many years. Thankfully, more attention has been given to the need to address this mental health issue in recent times. However, there is still a long way to go, as teenagers in 2022 continue to struggle with this burden. The causes of teenage depression vary. In some cases, bullying, peer pressure, and even social media can trigger teenage depression. On the other hand, other family problems such as divorce, separation, or abuse may be the cause. 

Regardless of the cause, depression is treatable. You can take practical steps like signing up for teen counseling, encouraging your family to join organizations like Youth Villages, or speaking with trusted adults who can help. You can also take health improvement steps like eating a balanced diet, exercising often, and getting enough sleep to help remedy it. 

Online bullying

Bullying is not anything new, but it’s safe to say it’s worsened with time, despite the immense social advocacy against it. Today, teenagers do not only have to deal with being bullied physically at school but also during their time on the internet. Even worse, online bullying is beginning to extend beyond online platforms to physical conflicts and confrontations. In fact, research shows that about 25% of teenagers have experienced online bullying that culminated in face-to-face confrontation. Unfortunately, cyberbullying among teens is still quite underestimated, even though it causes serious damage to the victim’s mental, emotional, and physical health.  

The best you can do to avoid or counter online bullying is by staying safe online. Try limiting your screen time, avoid getting into debates and arguments with people online, and always speak with someone you trust if you’re experiencing any form of online or cyberbullying. 

Social media

Yes, social media is one of the main go-to places for teens. Today many teenagers use social media pages like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, for entertainment, to connect, and even for educational reasons. While there’s nothing wrong with that, social media also poses many risks for today’s teenagers. One of the most common risks has to do with following dangerous trends. 

There have been countless examples of teenagers trying dangerous trends they saw on social media, like using unprescribed substances and engaging in vile behaviors. It may be impossible to avoid social media entirely, but learning how to detect and avoid dangerous trends is important. You can always speak with your parent, teacher, or trusted adult about social media trends before partaking in them. 

Academic Pressure

The academic pressure that teenagers face today is immense. With the rise of social media and technology, there’s an unspoken competition among students to be the best. The standards set by society, parents, and teachers are often unrealistic, which can lead to immense pressure and anxiety for many teenagers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by academic pressure, it’s important to take a step back and reassess your situation. You can start by taking a break from social media, setting realistic goals, and speaking with someone you trust about your feelings. You can even consider enrolling yourself in Alpine Academy Utah.

Alpine Academy is a residential treatment center that helps struggling teenagers work through their academic, social, and emotional issues. The academy employs a unique approach, including wilderness therapy, academic instruction, and clinical treatment. This approach has helped countless students get back on track and succeed in school and life. Just be sure to read through the Alpine Academy Utah complaints to get a better idea of what to expect.

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