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    “We’re Hiring” – A List of Tried-and-True Summer Jobs for Teens

    As a teenager and a somewhat soon-to-be adult (I know, terrifying), I have spent a lot of time thinking about my future. Thinking about what college I want to attend, where I want to live, who I want to be. And obviously, thinking about how I will find the means to fulfill all of these dreams and aspirations. Though I know I am lucky enough to have my parents’ unconditional support, both emotionally and financially, I know I have to do my part. And even if I am privileged enough to have my school paid for, I will have to eventually find a job to sustain me for the rest of my life.

    A part-time job for a teenager can be an incredible learning experience, teaching you the discipline, responsibility, and independence that any type of work requires. In addition to this, a job can provide the foundation for lifetime savings, as well as serve as a source for your own teenagerly needs, whether it be an event with friends, your favorite clothing, or that phone you’ve been asking for months. 

    As summer approaches, and our calendars start to look like overwhelmingly empty buckets waiting to be filled with family trips, college prep, and more, it’s hard to find a place to fit in a job. To help with this, I have compiled a list of jobs for teens like me, all approved by either myself or a teen I know.


    1. Lifeguard – YMCA, Local Recreation Center

    All you need to know:

    Ages 15 and up

    Requires Lifeguard Certification/Course Completion and CPR/AED Certification

    Ideal for those who enjoy working outdoors, with children

    Extremely flexible schedule (usually a shift sign-up system)

    Pay starts at about $10 an hour, but can vary

    Click here to see possible openings in your area:


    2.  Ice Cream Scooper – Jeni’s, Big Spoon

    All you need to know:

    Ages 15/16, based on location

    Ideal for those who love serving others and have friendly personalities

    Pay starts at about $7.25 an hour, but can vary

    Click here to see possible openings in your area: Jeni’s, Big Spoon 


    3. Sports Store Employee – Fleet Feet, Soccer Nation

    All you need to know:

    Ages 16 and up

    Ideal for sports lovers (talk to others who love your sport just as much as you do, all day!), those who love working in customer service and helping others

    Pay starts at about $7.25 an hour, but can vary

    Click here to see possible openings in your area: Fleet Feet, Soccer Nation (Only Birmingham) 


    There are hundreds of jobs that are bound to fit your interests and your schedule alike, this list hopes to serve as a starting point for anyone who feels inundated with the various options out in the working world. Find what works best for you and do your research!

    But remember, as important as the experience of a first job is, it is merely that. An experience which is the first of many…so don’t expect it to go as magically and as perfectly as expected. Live and learn!


    Even if you want to chill this summer, click here to see some cool ideas from our girl spring contributor!


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