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    Equality – a poem


    by Samone Davis

    Equality is the thing that’s in the world for mothers, fathers, boys, and girls. Blacks and whites, we were all separated from state to state we were segregated.

    I see every kid being whipped with wire, they’re being hurt and burned just like fire.

    Women and men, both are sensitive and feel. But women show it, and men conceal.
    For black lives to matter, we must stop the black on black blood splatter.

    So take one look at our past, because
    this will be the last.

    People should be who they want to be, not hiding in a closet unfree.
    Society needs to take a good look inside, we need to support LGBT pride.

    We all want to stop racism.
    We sent black and white men to die in war together, before we could be educated together.

    How come I see every day
    People who always find a reason to discriminate
    Why can’t I have the same opportunities,
    why can’t I be great

    Because mankind has taken the food from my
    plate and left me full of hate
    Let there be no gazing eyes, for equality shall rise

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    Alone by Tatyana J.

    Loneliness is not a fun game
    Rain pours from your eyes
    Clouds cover your sun
    Dirt kicks you down below
    From where he grows
    The wolf is not the
    Only one howling
    The moon isn’t shining
    Because no one is out
    I’m bored and when one is
    With you, you still feel
    That one open space

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    Restored by Light

    A Poem

    The peace in this broken world is slowly dying, the petals that fall to the ground steadily multiplying. Oh, the rage in our hearts that intensifies, weakening this flower as it slowly dies. The lullabies of bondage still ringing in our ears as it rocks us to sleep and lets hate come in and steer. Steer our hearts, minds, and souls letting the enemy play his role, while we never realize that we are the light in this black hole. It is imperative that we realize this light that we obtain, like the strength of a lion and the fierceness of his mane.

    This light has the power to shatter every piece of darkness like a mirror that has been cast to the ground. This light has the power to muzzle this darkness, dispel all its lies so it won’t make a sound. This light has the power to capture darkness so that it will forever be bound. This light has the power to put this darkness in shackles, every piece and every shadow, so that we may have peace and be born again, no longer slaves to this darkness and its sin, but servants of light as it works within us to fight away sin and bring back our peace.

    Oh, how I long for the day when we are released and all of this darkness has finally ceased. So I charge you, everyone, to bring back our peace and harmony. No longer will our peace be a dying flower but a flourishing tree. The world is waiting, you are God’s locket and he is the key, the world needs your light, just shine and you’ll see.


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    Yes, you see me more
    Yet, in actuality, my heart and mind greatly needs to be restored
    My self image ripping to shreds
    But I conceal the feeling so that it doesn’t spread
    Although it may not feel the best
    It is still better than all the rest

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    It Was Strange

    It Was Strange by Nimyia A.

    The tree looked down on me
    The grass grew into the sky
    The wind pushed me away
    I was shocked as the lightening screamed at me
    The rain and I were fussing all night
    The tornado and I fell asleep on the phone last night!

    This poem was taken from the book, Jellyfish In Disguise, a book of poems created by students in the Woodlawn area, and from Putnam Middle School, produced by Desert Island Supply Company. To learn more about Desert Island Supply Company and the work they are doing in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham, please visit, Desert Island Supply Co..

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    Hidden Within

    Dear Beautiful Girl,

    Early this morn, as the sun was still rising
    You strolled past my house, as I sipped at my coffee

    You sauntered on by, your hips all a-sway
    Clacking in rhythm to your modern high heels

    As I gazed at your face, I was struck by your beauty
    But as I peered closer, I was shocked to my core!

    Your face, while endearing, was all painted up
    Hiding those freckles, those eyes, and that nose!

    An adorable face, if you don’t mind me saying
    With a lovely heart shape, and soft edges as well

    Your enchanting, cute freckles were all covered up
    With that horrid, light powder that many girls use

    And, while on the topic, may I mention your color?
    That beautiful, golden, radiant tan!

    A sun-kissed hue that adorns that cute face
    …all covered up! A tragedy, I say!

    As I continued to look, I noticed your eyes
    A sultry, dark brown that was extremely enchanting

    And yet…my view of those orbs was quite rudely obstructed
    By those long, phony lashes that reach for the sky

    Last but not least, your magnificent hair
    Curled and dyed and, quite frankly, ruined

    If I tilt to the side and peer through the curls
    I can see ’twas quite a different hue!

    And oh, what a color! The shiny copper tint
    And yet…you have changed it and traded it in

    Why, oh why, dear girl, have you done this?
    You’ve hidden your beauty from the world around!

    Your pert, button nose is all but disguised
    By the contour and blush you used to obscure it

    Now what is left? What reaches my eye?
    Something quite different than your natural appearance!

    A face with sharp angles; a long slender nose
    Eyes that are hidden and no freckles in sight!

    You’ve toiled quite hard to conceal your fair beauty
    To mask the sweet innocence that shines in your face

    And for what, my dear girl?
    To conform to this world?

    You are perfect, you are wonderful
    A beauty, for sure

    A vision of the likes I’ve never quite seen
    And yet, you’ve hidden the angel inside

    Every young girl as a charm to herself
    Remember it, use it, for your charm is your own

    And please, dear girl, try hard to remember!
    The words that this elderly lady has written:

    Your charm is quite stunning, of that I am sure
    And your beauty is mesmerizing, in its own wonderful way

    But for all those sayings, do recall these wise words
    Of a woman who has lived a good number of years

    Young child, for the love of all that is holy
    Remember to show your beauty in all its glory

    Beauty and charm are worth diddli-squat
    If you hide it and morph it into something its not