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    What a peculiar thing it is




    Such a small word, yet the effects it carries are otherworldly


    It doesn’t ask whether you’re comfortable or not.


    It doesn’t wait for the “right moment” to happen.


    But somehow the way it appears seems like it was meant to be years later


    At the very moment though it’s hard to have that foresight


    Sometimes it’s the very opposite of what we imagine to happen in our life path


    It seems like life is not the plan we make, 


    but what happens while we are trying to make that plan


    Do we see change as the little things that happen over time?


    Or the massive life-changing events that come out of nowhere


    That is something that differs for everyone based on their lived experiences


    I couldn’t say it’s one of the two and I’m glad it’s not that way


    It’s very jarring to experience change so suddenly and other times


    I’m slightly saddened at how much things have changed without me noticing it


    It’s like a rug being slowly inched out from underneath your feet 


    Suddenly, you realize you’ve been standing on oak wood all along


    We learn, live, and grow around it, and because of it


    I couldn’t say I love it or hate it 


    I guess I simply live with it



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