Springboarders Girls at the Center

Applications accepted through September 30 

This program is an interactive program created to address the specific needs faced by girls of color and/or from marginalized communities. We are looking for girls ages 14-17 to participate in this program which runs Fall 2023-Spring/Summer 2024.  Program participants will meet with community leaders to learn about issues that affect girls such as mental health, safety and sexual harassment, confidence and public speaking, and other issues of gender equality. The program participants will work together as a group to present what they’ve learned to the public on GirlSpring’s website and at a public event at the end of the year. The goal is to encourage discussion around these topics and to create true change through education and self-advocacy.

Check out the pilot program here, https://www.girlspring.com/girls-at-the-center/

Full Name
List any school or service positions held within other organizations
Role Model
Please list the names, email, and phone numbers of 3 people who could tell us more about your level of commitment, interest, and fit for this program. This could be a teacher, counselor, church or community leader, volunteer or work supervisor, or a trusted family friend.


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