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    Holiday Style with Megan Larussa

    holiday style

    Amp Up Your Holiday Style!

    Interested in making some changes to your Holiday Style? Check out the video about holiday style with Megan LaRussa below!

    Fashion stylist Megan LaRussa shares her best tips to amp it up this holiday season, with tips for any budget. Amp up your holiday style!

    Like this video? Megan was a speaker in our Wonder Woman talks. Click here for more information about the amazing women we featured! Check out more videos on our youtube page!
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    Christmas DIY Projects

    Holiday Do it yourself projects. For Christmas

    Christmas DIY Projects

    I’m going to be honest. I do not do a lot of DIY crafts. But for some reason, the Christmas season forces it out of me. I love making crafted gifts and just doing projects with a little kid that I babysit. Each year we come up with some new to try. This year we’re going to be creating Marbled Christmas Ornaments, Candy Sleighs, and Rudolf Hot Chocolate Bags.

    Marbled Christmas Ornaments

    The Marbled Christmas Ornaments are simple. You need a single or multi-pack of glass or plastic Christmas ornaments and some Acrylic paint. Take the silver topper off the ornament and squirt a little bit of the colored paints you want into the ornament. Then, you can place the topper back on or hold something over the opening to shake it. Once you’re done shaking, you can choose to add more colors or glue the topper back on. Et Voila! You have made a cute homemade gift for you or someone else.

    Here’s a breakdown of the Marbled Christmas Ornaments supplies:

    Glass (or plastic) clear ornaments

    Hot glue

    Acrylic paint (whichever colors you like)

    Here is a link to another way to make the ornaments using water and nail polish:

    Candy Sleighs

    The candy sleighs should not be too difficult. All you need are candy bars that you, or whoever you’re giving them to, enjoy. You will want three-five different size bars to make the sleigh look cooler, and you need two candy canes for each one.

    Lay your two candy canes parallel from one another, then glue your largest candy bar lengthwise them. Now, to stack the rest of the candy bars you can use either glue, tape, or pray they stay in place with a ribbon. If you want your sleigh to be a candy surprise you can always wrap the bars in wrapping paper.

    Once the final bar or piece of candy is stacked, take a shred of ribbon (it doesn’t matter what kind or color you use) and wrap it vertically around the candy cane and stack. Tie at the top in a single knot. Then take another ribbon of the same pattern and color and wrap it around the stack horizontally (the candy cane will not be wrapped with this one). Tie at the top with a single knot. If you don’t want to tie them, you can tape them flat to the top piece of candy.

    Finally, take a bow of your choosing and place it atop the candy sleigh. And now you have something both cute and delicious.

    Here’s an overview of the supplies needed for the Candy Sleigh:

    Candy Bars (different sizes)

    Two Candy Canes (per each sleigh)

    Hot Glue




    Here is a link to a Pinterest post on how to do this with extensive details:

    Rudolf Hot Chocolate Bags

    The last craft is the Rudolf Hot Chocolate Bags. This one will take a little bit more effort, because it requires printing (already prepared) tags, punching holes in them, and threading a ribbon. But the tags are important because they hold the instructions, so just bear with that step.

    To begin, make sure you have these supplies:

    Googly Eyes (can be bought at craft stores or Target)

    Little Red Pom Poms (again, at craft stores or Target)

    Brown Pipe Cleaners (Target, Walmart, or craft store)

    Icing Piping Bags (Target or Walmart)

    Box of Hot Chocolate Packets

    Bag of Mini Marshmallows

    Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips



    Glue (hot or sticky)

    You can either start with placing the ingredients inside the Piping bags or you can decorate the outside (whichever works best for you). If you choose to do the ingredients first, then empty a packet of hot chocolate into a piping bag, making sure it all goes to the point of the bag.

    Then, add in the semi-sweet chocolate chips (a handful or less should be enough). Add in some mini marshmallows, making sure to leave some space to seal the bag. Wrap a ribbon around the sealed part of the bag, adding the printed, prepared tag to it.

    Take two pipe cleaners and glue them to the back side of the piping bag parallel to each other. You can bend and twist the pipe cleaners until they reach a sort of antler shape. Next place two googly eyes a few centimeters apart in the center of the bag or over the chocolate chips. Be sure the eyes are on the opposite side of the bag that the antlers were glued.

    Take a single red pom pom and glue it a few centimeters above the tip of the piping bag. That’s it. You’re done! You have successfully created THREE Holiday DIY projects. Everyone will love them, and you will appreciate the little effort and money you put into them.

    Here is a link to more detailed Reindeer Hot Chocolate Bag instructions:

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    Holiday Makeup Ideas for Every Eye Color

    For those of you who are looking for some makeup ins(ta)piration this fall and winter season we got you. Glamour, chic, glitter, glimmer, bold, bright we’ve got ideas that can work for anyone or hopefully inspire a unique creation of your own!

    Brown Eyes

    Coppers, golds, cobalts, pale blues, lilacs and deep purples like eggplant are great seasonal colors for brown-eyed beauties.

    Our go-to brown eye pallet:  Click Here

    Fall Look:

    Winter Look:

    Blue Eyes

    Coppers, grays, browns, oranges, rusts, purples, smoky pinks and turquoise/blue liners all complement a striking blue eye.

    Our go to blue-eyed pallet: Click Here

    Fall Look:

    Winter Look:


    Green Eyes

    Warm taupes, brown liners, any shade of purple, dark emerald greens, coppers, terracottas and heather grays are fabulous on our green-eyed goddesses.

    Our go to green eye pallet: Click Here

    Fall Look

    Winter Look:

    Hazel Eyes

    Nudes, warm neutrals, burgundy, soft browns…pretty much anything that makes you feel warm and cozy inside is perfect for bewitching hazel eyes.

    Our go to Hazel eye pallet: Click Here

    Fall Look:

    Winter Look:

    For those of you who want to go all out. I mean showoff some real holiday magic we also got you.

    Just some glitter sprinkle to brighten your day.

    For that Winter themed party.



    Do you know if your makeup is cruelty-free? Read here about why it’s an important thing to consider, and get a list of cruelty-free brands.



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    The Do’s and Dont’s of a Successful Friendsgiving:

    Hold on…what is Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving is when you recreate a Thanksgiving meal with your friends.  AKA another excuse to hang out and eat delicious food with your buds.


    DO spread the responsibility:
    Some of us are real go getters and love to handle all the details. That’s all fine and dandy, but it can become stressful when you run out of time, money or dare I say…accidentally burn the turkey. (I may be speaking from experience here…)

    Image result for gif of burning the turkey

    It’s a lot of fun when everyone contributes to the making of a meal. So, instead of putting the burden on one or two people to provide for everyone else, make it a potluck. With a potluck, everyone is in charge of bringing a certain dish, appetizer, side, dessert, drink or set of utensils.

    It’s important to know that a friend might need to borrow a serving dish or your oven when they arrive. If you’re the host of Friendsgiving, make sure you know this information ahead of time so you can plan ahead. No one wants to watch the mashed potatoes get cold while they wait for the Turkey finish. (Again, speaking from experience)

    Unless you are a descendant of Chef Gordon Ramsay (which if you are good for you), don’t feel the need to make everything from scratch. We all have good intentions in the beginning, but juggling all the different cook times can be tricky and before you know it the doorbell is ringing.

    Image result for chef gordon ramsay finesse gif


    PSA: If you are like me and and cannot cook to save your life (no shame, I admit it) there is nothing wrong with getting a little help from the prepared foods section. Sprinkle some fresh herbs on that sucker and voilà.

    DON’T  (or try not) to have Friendsgiving after Thanksgiving:
    Why? Well I don’t know about you, but after a typical Thanksgiving I’m toast. As in if I eat another bite, I will may not be able to get out of this chair.

    Besides, most people when they take their last bite at Thanksgiving are on to the next wonderful thing. Christmas. The holiday all other holidays compete with. Bye-Bye pumpkin spice, hello peppermint. Know what I’m saying?



    Not to mention, the holidays are a very busy time for most people and after Thanksgiving it’s difficult for people to make time in their schedules.




    DO anticipate the supplies you will need:

    Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Friendsgiving is a feast. It’s better to be over prepared than run out of forks and have to eat with your hands. Coordinate with your friends and ask if they need additional serving utensils.

    A few key items you may not think about until the day of. (Psssst…get them now so you don’t have a panic attack later)
    -Platters and big serving dishes
    -Napkins or Paper Towels if you’re a messy eater like me
    -A good thanksgiving playlist
    -An empty belly because nothing’s worse than staring at beautiful food and not getting to eat any

    DO have Friendsgiving in a space big enough for everyone:
    No one wants to bump elbows while they are trying to eat their meal.  Have your friend with the biggest space or table host the event so everyone can be comfortable. Speaking of tables…here are some decorating ideas if you’re feeling festive.

    Thanksgiving Table Ideas

    SIDE NOTE: You can even get crazy and theme your Friendsgiving. Did someone say pajama-themed Friendsgiving? What about a Vegan Friendsgiving? The possibilities are endless, but if you are low key want to keep it simple. Gurl, keep it simple. If you want to go all out and create the Pinterest Perfect Friendsgiving. GO for it.

    Share your Friendsgiving with Girl Spring and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

    Finally, DO help clean:

    Whether you hosted Friendsgiving or not, it’s a good idea to help clean up. We’ve all seen the daunting pile of dishes after a big holiday meal. If you consider yourself to be a generally good person, why not roll up your sleeves and help get it done quicker?


    More Do’s and Don’ts for Friendsgiving


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    Last Minute DIY Halloween Slime

    Looking for a last minute Halloween DIY? We’ve got you covered. This super easy slime can be used for any kind of holiday decoration. Just add holiday decor or glitter to get your desired look.

    This is fun activity to do with frieds and so easy. You can find these ingredients at a Michaels, Hobby Lobby or any local craft store.  What DIY activites do you want to see next? Comment below.

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    12 Cheap and Easy Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs

    1. Advent Calendar

    An Advent calendar sweater will give your holiday ensemble some more glitz and glam.

    2. Upcycled Old Sweaters

    Upcycle old sweaters and make them go from drab to Christmas fab with this sweater DIY.

    2. Christmas Present and Tree

    Make your tree sweater creation complete with a present counterpart.

    4. Bow Sweater

    Just find the absolute biggest bow that exists and stick it on your sweater. Add a string of lights for an even more eye-catching effect.

    5. Chimney Sweater

    The chimney plays a pretty important role in Santa Claus’s Christmas duties, so build one out of cardboard or paper and deck out your sweater.

    6. Bow Sweater

    If you are short on time (or cash!), then simply stick some holiday-colored bows on a sweater you already own.

    7. Illuminated Sweaters

    Light up the room (or blind your friends and family) with Christmas sweaters completely decked out in multicolored twinkle lights.

    8. Abominable Snowman Sweater

    When in doubt, sew on holiday-themed characters from movies to your ugly Christmas sweater.

    9. Present Sweaters

    One of the easiest ways to DIY an ugly Christmas sweater is with some wrapping ribbon. Make yourself the present!

    10. Christmas Cat

    Plaster your beloved pet’s face on your sweater this year. The uglier, the better.

    11. Ugly Christmas Dress

    Make your tacky ensemble more fancy with an ugly Christmas dress DIY.

    12. Bottle-Cap Sweater

    Don’t get rid of your old bottle tops! DIY a Christmas tree or wreath out of your extras.

    Click Here for more DIY Ugly Sweater Ideas