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    Uncertainty is Actually A Positive Thing

    Uncertainty is Actually A Positive Thing

    By Maggie Thompson


    Being uncertain is a feeling with which we are all familiar.

    A looming pressure to know exactly what we want in life is placed on us as early as middle school – if not before. This question of what we want our lives to be is actually ridiculous. How could one possibly know what they truly want if they have yet to decide what they do not?

    Uncertainty is how we learn.

    When we acknowledge our uncertainty, we open the door for more opportunities. This is because knowledge is not obtained without first admitting its absence.

    Experiences shape our beliefs – on everything.

    Hesitating to wear a certain color, deciding to study before a test, and avoiding certain types of people are all decisions made due to past experience. We believe the color yellow is not flattering for our skin tone because we read it in a magazine, we study before a test to avoid a failing grade, and we choose not to befriend dishonest people so that we don’t get hurt. Regardless of how big or small the belief – it is formed by past experience. However, some of these beliefs will alter as we learn and grow. This is a good thing. Being open to new challenges provides a chance for a new perspective.

    As a result, being uncertain is the best way to unlock change and growth.

    Do not be afraid to admit uncertainty or lack of knowledge, for this is how truth is uncovered – through exploration. So when you are feeling down about not knowing exactly which direction to go, accept that some of the steps you have taken thus far have been incorrect. Although this feeling is initially terrifying, it begins to dissolve as soon as you take the first step into the unknown. Because before you know it, you will find yourself happier and more engaged with life.

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    Finding Confidence as a Young Female Driver

    Finding Confidence As A Young Female Driver

    Although only 3.8% of drivers are female teenagers, driving can be a fun and engaging way to gain confidence as a young woman. Even with the risks that drivers face, you can still enjoy your time on the road, once you’ve learned about your vehicle and how to operate it safely on the road.

     Risks of the Road

    A driver at any age will come across dangers while driving, such as a deer leaping in front of your vehicle or a driver looking at their phone and drifting into your lane. There are also environmental factors, such as rain or snow, that affect all drivers. As a teenager, it is crucial that you learn how to react to these dangers, so that you avoid putting yourself and others at risk. If a deer jumps in front of your vehicle, do not swerve to avoid it. Instead, slowly press your brakes, slightly angling your vehicle towards the shoulder. When it is snowing or raining, drive slowly with your headlights on, and stay at least five seconds behind the car in front of you.

     Driving a Vehicle That Suits You

    While it is important to know the most dangerous hazards of driving, it is vital to your safety that you understand the vehicle you are driving, and making sure that you are comfortable driving it. If you intend to drive a truck, be sure to have researched the types of trucks available, and understand the specific features of the large vehicle you’re driving. Likewise, if you intend to drive a small sedan, be sure to understand the implications of driving in the vicinity of larger cars. Most importantly, learn the safety features and how to properly operate your vehicle, so as to reduce the risk of putting yourself and others in danger.

     Helpful Tips

    Being a young woman behind the wheel does not mean that you cannot be confident, it simply means that it is more important to understand safe driving techniques and which types of vehicle suit your individual needs. By researching the type of car you intend to drive, you can practice better anticipate the cautions you will need to take when driving on the road. Above all else, stay alert when you are behind the wheel, and keep your eyes on the road.

    You are a part of the newest generation of drivers, and it is your duty to ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers you encounter on the road. Safe travels!

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    FeMENism: What Feminism Can Do for Men

    September 2016 Writing Contest Winner

    If you’re reading this, you probably know what it is. You’ve heard about it on the news, in Beyoncé songs, in viral videos, and on this site. Throughout its meteoric rise in the past century, feminism has been a hot-button topic for much longer than we’ve even been alive. Now more than ever, there is a push for equality and more girls, women, and men are getting involved than ever. But…unsurprisingly, the discussion of feminism – much like the discussion of any social equality movement – tends to inadvertently dredge up a trove of people who are simply uninformed at best and willfully ignorant at worst. The question on the lips of many men in particular is, “Why should I be a feminist if feminism hurts men?”

    To be frank, this question comes from an incorrect understanding of what feminism is. Put simply, feminism is the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. That’s all it is. Many ask, “But isn’t feminism about hating men?” No, it’s about equality, not bashing or oppressing one group or the other. It’s about raising everyone to an equal playing field. Sadly, a quick scroll through any comment section on a feminist social media post will show that there still exists a great deal of ignorance on the topic. I need not repeat the insults and threatening language which often pervade these vitriolic comments about how “feminism is evil and seeks to hurt men”.

    It’s true that people who have never experienced oppression will find equality to be a burden. A lot (but not all) of upper/middle-class white men probably have never experienced oppression, so I understand how it can be hard for men to see why women want change. But I believe that if men would look at what equality would really mean for them, they would all want to be feminists too.

    One big way in which feminism can help men is in the area of gender roles. Many feminists advocate for the flexibility of gender roles. As part of feminism’s message of equality, strict, traditional gender roles are seen as being generally toxic and detrimental to society. Just as women live under the pressure of being feminine, delicate, traditionally attractive, mothering, and sexy all at once, men live under the pressure of being masculine, strong, capable of providing, emotionally resolute, and physically perfect. For both sexes, the weight of these expectations is enormous. For many feminists, flexible gender roles mean that women do not always have to be perfectly feminine (i.e. they can be providers, be physically strong, and present themselves as more masculine than feminine, among other things). With regard to men, flexible gender roles mean that they don’t have to be perfectly masculine (i.e. they don’t have to be the sole provider, they can be emotionally open, and not face pressures to be physically perfect, among other things).

    When we seek to open a positive dialogue on gender roles, feminists actively work towards making the world a more comfortable and freeing place for both men and women. For some men, this is a big selling point of feminism. Without the constant pressure to provide, to be constantly masculine and strong, and to be the model of a perfect man, men can relax and share their burdens with everyone else – including women. From a male standpoint, this is only one of feminism’s many benefits. But as previously stated, so many men are still in the dark about this exact topic.

    So next time a man tells you that feminists are all out to attack him and every other man on earth, tell him that men benefit from feminism too. I believe that the future of feminism is bright, but we still have a long way to go and we have to continue to educate the ignorant if we want equality to be a reality in our lifetime.
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    The ultimate love


    The Ultimate Love by Ashley Mosley
    Have you ever felt so alone and like you had no one, that you have made up your mind you were hopeless? It seemed like no one was listening and even your closest friends didn’t care. This my friends is where we are so wrong. We will have an eternal best friend in Jesus! He is longing to hear from us no matter how big or smallit is! Jesus died on a cross so that we could be free from sin and we could live with him forever in Heaven. Even when we seem so small, remember Jesus takes time to paint beautfiul sunsets and skies everyday. He care about every detail and He cares about you more than you can ever know. So the next time you feel like your friends are gone and you are hopeless, talk to Jesus. We have no greater hope than in Him.
    John 3:16 ”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”