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    10 Fun Things to do This Summer

    summer must do's

    Everyone looks forward to summer. It’s feels like a never ending weekend. Full of opportunities, fun hangouts, summer camps, and vacations. The adrenaline build up before summer makes everything so exciting. But when summer arrives sometimes we’re let down. It feels like we’re wasting our time scrolling, and being bored. However there are solutions to these problems. Without further ado here are 10 fun things you can do this summer!

    1. Water fight
    When the weather is nice having a water fight with friends, family, or neighbors is a great and inexpensive activity! Water balloon fights tend to be most common but single use balloons are bad for the environment. If you decide to try this activity I suggest using water guns or reusable water balloons instead. To make it extra fun add watercolor to the water and have everyone wear white t-shirts. when the water fight is over everyone will have a cool shirt and a great memory.

    2. Have a Lemonade stand
    Nothing tastes better then a refreshingly sour glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day. It’s hard to refuse. Cheap to make and cheap to buy! A Lemonade stand is a fun thing you can do by yourself or with friends. All it requires is a table, lemonade, and cups. You can also take on the creative liberty of designing a sign, choosing the flavors, and even adding baked goods.

    3. Go Thrifting
    Summer showers and heat waves can make it hard to be outside so here is an indoor alternative. Thrifting! You can do it with friends, family. or by yourself. Not only is Thrifting a fun and engaging way to buy clothing (that’s also cheaper) but it is so much better for the environment! By going Thrifting you are helping to keep clothing out of landfills. You can even find some of your favorite brands if you look hard enough.

    4. Make friendship bracelets
    Because we live in the digital era there are so many online tutorials for different types of bracelet making. Beginner tutorials are a good place to start. You can make fun and festive accessories for all of your friends.

    5. Play in a Sprinkler
    Obviously not everyone has access to a pool or body of water so a Sprinkler is a great option. It’s good for little kids, pets, teens, adults, whoever! And it’ll keep you cool all summer long.

    6. Go Strawberry Picking
    Strawberries are the perfect summer snack because of how ripe they are. The best juicy and sweet strawberries are the ones you pick! A super fun activity to do is to go strawberry picking. You could even consider making something with the strawberries you’ve collected like pie, or smoothies. 00000

    7. Host a Themed Party
    A great way to get all of your friends and family in one place is by hosting a party. Themes are a good start because it ties everyone together giving them a common interest. A few party themes you could use are the 4th of July, Christmas in July, Summerween, cookout, etc.

    8. Go to a Drive in Movie
    Movies are always fun but drive in movies are the best because you get to watch it outside. Imagine watching your favorite movie with your favorite people on a warm day with the sun setting in the background. sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? You can also picnic or buy food, and pets are often welcome.

    9. Make a music video
    Music videos are better as a group activity but solo videos are great too. This is a fun way to let your energy out inside or outside. you can dance and sing along to your favorite songs!

    10. start some sort of diary
    This is kind of vague but that means it’s open for a lot of interpretation. You could start a digital diary or recording of photos, videos, notes, etc. to look back on years from now. you could also take a more hands on approach and make a scrapbook recording your summer. or just write about your days in a real diary!