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    My 2024 Ins and Outs

    A new trend started on TikTok where people shared a note in their Notes App, containing a list of their “Ins and Outs” for 2024. Some are longer than others, but the lists are a set of goals that the creator is looking to start, strengthen, or end. It’s kind of a new take on New Year’s Resolutions, and I have not seen any two same lists. This is meant to be lighthearted; some you may not agree with, but here are my 2024 Ins and Outs with a brief explanation!


    • Oral Hygiene: I really want to start taking better care of my teeth! I brush them at least three times a day but never floss, use mouthwash, and have only whitened them a couple times. Hopefully soon I’ll try the oil pulling technique for teeth care; where you swish coconut oil for about 20 seconds in your mouth and brush after!
    • Mixing metals: I have kind of always been into this because I have a silver bracelet that I wear everyday no matter if the outfit is “gold,” but I want others to be in on it too! Recently, I told my sister that her mixed metals weren’t hurting her outfit. Good jewelry is good jewelry, don’t be afraid to mix it up sometimes!
    • Going to bed earlier: This is so important to me in order to have the healthiest final semester of high school. I’ve had really bad sleeping schedules, and I surely hope it helps the dark circles under my eyes. Also, just being tired all the time is the worst feeling in my opinion!
    • Shoe game: I’ve recently discovered the power of a good shoe! When I was younger, I never understood the fact of a cute sneaker, but now I do! This can really amplify an outfit – it’s hard to train my minimalist-wired brain, but colors can mix and match! You can also treat solid colors you usually wouldn’t see (like red or green) as a neutral.Outfit is already more fun! 
    • “Oldies” music: I know it’s really not that old, but I love music from around the time my parents were growing up. The vibe is just completely different and just makes me feel calm and good! The 70s have been my favorite decade to listen to so far.
    • Glossy/Glowy makeup: If  matte is your thing, go for it! Personally, I’ve been really into that dewy look, but it’s been hard because I don’t have the clearest skin that I think is so closely associated with glowy makeup looks. Instead, I’m learning that doesn’t matter! I love lip gloss and the “clean girl” look and thus want to try and up my makeup game to reflect what I like on myself!



    • Screen time: I have really had to self-check myself on how much time I spend on my phone. I’m holding myself accountable and setting screen time limits on my most used apps!
    • Listening to non-Taylor’s Version albums: Some people are really attached to her old music, but it just shows better support for her as an artist and her growth in so many different aspects! To me it’s kind of a why not listen to her new, matured voice?
    • Staying out of touch: I’ve come to appreciate my relationships with people a lot more over the past year, and I want to show them that! It’s so important to just show you care and be a part of the the lives of the people you love.
    • Avocado: This might be too niche, but avocados just aren’t for me. Something about their texture just really irks me – they became super trendy in the last year, especially with avocado toast. 
    • Indecisiveness: This is such a huge one! As one who really struggles with being indecisive at the end of the day, everything will work out no matter what you choose. It’s also annoying on the receiving end. For example, when you try to make plans, but no one can make a decision, so nothing ends up happening. 
    • Shows’ seasons: Maybe I just watch too much TV, but I hate having to wait so long to see a second season of a show! After a while, I tend to forget major plot details and characters, but I still wish there was a way for them to come out faster. The actors I yearn for deserve the break, yet sometimes I just want to binge watch!


    I have so many more but these are my 2024 ins and outs! This is a new, fun way to look at some resolutions and things you want for yourself this upcoming year. Let’s start off on the best note possible, and remember to never beat yourself up if you can’t stick to resolutions every single day!! Happy New Year, and let me know if you have any similar goals!


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