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    *Dedicated to my dearest friend, Dima on the occasion of her 16th birthday*


    Tell me, do you dream of lullabies or anthems?

    Tumbling, tumbling down white

    Into a rhythm that demands obedience-

    Though they cannot know it


    It pummels through your fingers

    With violent thrusts of blood red and blues-

    Though they cannot see it


    The world shifts on gentle ice

    The chatter of the ballroom quiets

    And the hammers hit a thrumming climax

    It is ivory, ivory, and ivory-


    Bleeding into your skin, beating and beating

    Your heart to the down-thrusts of your hands

    Do you find God in your fingers-


    As the treble strings tremble

    Madness, melodious madness plunges

    Deep within your breast with an ivory handle

    Tell me, tell me, do you dream in lullabies or anthems?


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