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    5 Books With Strong Female Characters by: Corra Maddox

    5 Books With Strong Female Characters by: Corra Maddox

    5 Books With Strong Female Characters by: Corra Maddox

    If you didn’t know, March is Women’s History Month! This month, we get to celebrate all the accomplishments that have been made by women and all the accomplishments yet to come! One of the ways we can celebrate is by reading books that have female characters that can empower us and motivate us to become better. Here are some books with female characters that everyone should aspire to be like!


    1. The School for Good and Evil by: Soman Chainani 

    If you like a fantasy book centered around two best friends trying to find out where they fit, then The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani is for you. This story focuses on two teenage girls, Agatha and Sophie, who are transported to a magical school where fairytale characters learned how to survive in their stories. While Sophie is girly and extroverted, Agatha is socially awkward and stubborn. Even though they are total opposites, they love each other dearly. I remember reading this book for the first time, and I loved how strong these characters were in their own ways. They never let others put them down and relied on each other through the dark points in their lives. 


    2. The Cruel Prince by: Holly Black

    The Cruel Prince is a young adult fantasy that follows a teenage mortal girl named Jude Duarte. The story focuses on her trying to navigate through a magical world filled with manipulation, deceit, and treachery. Jude has to face so many different challenges, but she faces them all with determination and strength. She will protect her family at all cost, and she always finds a clever way to get out of situations. I love reading about her wit and cleverness. Also, seeing Jude work through her trauma can be inspirational for anyone.  


    3. The Inheritance Games by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes 

    Avery Grambs is the main character in this comedic, suspenseful mystery. She is intelligent and witty. She is always looking for and solving the riddles and puzzles in life. Reading her sarcastic and witty comebacks made me feel comfortable about who I am. No matter how many people questioned whether she deserved what she got, she remained strong, and she always knew her worth. If you want to read a book full of riddles and witty conversations, then you should read The Inheritance Games. 


    4. Once Upon a Broken Heart by: Stephanie Garber 

    Evangelina Fox is a caring dreamer who is constantly looking for her true love. While the other characters on this list are fighters, Evangelina is a lover. She always tries to make sure that everyone is happy and puts their needs before her own. Fox is a selfless girl who is a ray of light for all those around her. Reading about her made me realize that strength isn’t just about fistfights and wielding swords – it is about having the strength to smile everyday. 


    5. Six of Crows by: Leigh Bardugo 

    Now, my all time favorite book is Six of Crows. It is filled with wit, heists, fights, and some of my favorite characters ever. My favorite character of all time is Inej Ghafa. Her story is filled with suffering and darkness, but she never loses hope. Inej believes in her faith and never yields from it. She supports her friends through their hardships, she grows from her past, and wants to make sure no one has to go through what she did. She tries to stay calm and focused on her path. Her strength and determination inspire me everyday.


    There you have it, 5 of my favorite books featuring strong female characters!

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