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    End of Winter/Beginning of Spring Playlist

    End of Winter/Beginning of Spring Playlist


    Winter is almost over… thankfully. But during this dreary transition period where the sun is hiding most of the time, it’s fairly easy to get down in the dumps. So what’s a quick fix? Like many other problems, there’s a one word solution: music. Here’s a playlist of a few of my current favorite songs that always put a smile on my face, even on a cloudy, rainy, halfway-winter halfway-spring day.

    • 7 rings – Ariana Grande

    I’ll be the first to admit it: I never understood the hype behind Ariana Grande. But that doesn’t stop me from playing this song at least 10 times a day. This song is one of her best, and you’ll love it more and more with each listen.

    • Superlove (feat. Oh Wonder) – Whethan, Oh Wonder

    Perfectly combining fun lyrics and catchy beats, it’s impossible to not be smiling while listening to this song. Regardless of whether it makes you think of a special someone, it’s bound to leave you bobbing your head and feeling carefree.

    • Back to Your Love – Night Riots

    This is the ultimate song to sing to in the shower (I’m not kidding, I always turn this song on right before I hop in). This song is the ideal crossover between indie and alternative music, and it’ll probably be on every playlist I make for years to come.

    • All I Got – Oliver Tree

    I heard this song for the first time while riding in a car with my best friend, and it was love at first listen. You might think it starts out a bit slow, but 30 seconds in, you’ll have the same infatuation as I did.

    • Passenger Side – Smallpools

    If I could make a road trip playlist consisting of one song playing on loop, it would be this one. This song reminds me of summertime, driving around with the windows down, sing-shouting with your closest friends.

    • Sunflower – Post Malone, Swae Lee

    I’ll admit it– Swae Lee has the voice of an angel. He adds a hint of happiness to every song he contributes to, and paired with Post Malone, they create a flawless, harmonious balance.

    • Talk – Khalid, Disclosure

    It’s impossible not to love Khalid; in his newest song, his heavenly voice mixed with electronic beats is everything I never knew I needed. This song has been on repeat since I heard it a few days ago, and every minute I’ve listened to it has been a minute well spent.

    • Winnebago (feat. Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson) – Gryffin, Quinn XCII, Daniel Wilson

    This is my FAVORITE song right now. There’s something about the whistling at the beginning and tropical beats that make me want to drop out of school, run away and live on the beach (not literally, but you know the feeling).

    • Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

    Okay, seriously… if you haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody, go watch it. ASAP. I thought I was obsessed with Queen before I watched it, but the movie caused my love to multiply. This is the opening song, and in my opinion, it’s the perfect way to start any day.

    • UCLA – RL Grime, 24hrs   

    This song has the perfect rhythm for whatever you’re doing, anywhere from studying to cleaning your room. The beat is so versatile and enjoyable, it’s impossible to be in bad mood while listening.


    Adding any of these songs to your playlist, or even making a playlist consisting only of these songs, is a decision you won’t regret. These bits of music are an instant pick-me-up, and I would know from experience, because I listen to them every day. Happy listening and happy spring!

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    Top 20 Road Trip Songs

    School’s almost out and the holiday season is upon us. It’s that time of year again where most of you will be traveling with family or traveling home to family. I have a list of Top 20 songs to help get you through some of your trip.

    Let’s start with our ladies of the 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s:

    1. Ariana Grande—Side to Side
    2. Britney Spears—Piece of Me
    3. Bonnie McKee—American Girl
    4. Miley Cyrus—We Can’t Stop
    5. Charlie XCX (ft. Troy Sivan)—1999
    6. Zara Larson—Lush Life
    7. Hailee Steinfeld—You’re Such A
    8. Little Mix (ft. Stormzy)—Power
    9. Kesha—Tik Tok
    10. Anne-Marie—2002
    11. Fifth Harmony—BO$$
    12. Demi Lovato—La La Land
    13. Spice Girls—Wannabe
    14. Taylor Swift—…Ready for It?
    15. Meghan Trainor—NO
    16. Natasha Bedingfield—These Words

    For the last few songs we have some guys (and Fergi) from the 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s:

    1. Panic! At the Disco—Death of a Bachelor
    2. My House—Flo Rida
    3. Black Eyed Peas—Let’s Get it Started
    4. One Direction—Drag Me Down

    This list is only some of the more upbeat tunes from each artist. They boast a playfulness that keeps everyone in the car singing along. You could always slip in a Disney song or two, but nothing beats older hits and Pop music.

    I could have gone on all day adding songs, but at some point, you have to stop yourself and let someone else give it a try. Be generous with the radio and let whoever is traveling with you add a few songs. I’ll link the playlist down below, but feel free to write in the comments some songs you would have added. Maybe they’ll end up on it! Be safe traveling and a happy holiday!

    Spotify Top 20 Road Trip Songs Playlist:

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    Monday Motivational Music: “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce

    Monday Motivational Music

    Another Monday, another motivational music post. This week, we are featuring the iconic, Beyonce. Specifically, her song “Run the World (Girls).” This song, honestly, is beyond iconic. It is truly a female power anthem. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it and not sung along. Beyond belts out inspiring and empowering lyrics, with a simple message, that girls run the world. Truer words have never been sung.

    My favorite lyrics from the song are:

    I wrote my 9 to 5
    Gotta cop my cheque
    This goes out to all
    The women getting it in

    Beyonce sings about being confident, working hard, and being independent.

    Do you have a song that gets you through your Monday? Submit a suggestion and get on our site! Go to or DM us on Instagram @girlspringpower.

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    Monday Motivational Music: “Perfect To Me” by Anne Marie

    Perfect to Me by Anne Marie

    Another week of Monday Motivational Music! The song of the week is “Perfect To Me” by Anne Marie.

    Anne Marie has some great songs, “2002” and “FRIENDS” are two of my other favorites. This song, however, has so much positivity and self-empowerment in the lyrics, it’s my perfect Monday motivation. The song is about accepting herself and not trying to be anything for anyone else. She sings about doing what she wants and not letting the judgment of others get in the way of her own happiness. Everyone can learn a little bit from this song.

    My favorite lyrics are:

    Remember if you wanna, you can go home
    You can say that enough is enough, ah
    Alright, this is your time
    Time for your life to be yours

    It is an important message to hold close.

    Do you have a song that motivates you? If you do go to or DM us on Instagram @girlspringpower. Then you’ll be featured on our weekly post!


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    Monday Motivational Music: Heart of Mine by Wayfarers

    Welcome back to Monday Motivational Music! GirlSpring’s weekly blog that features a song that empowers and inspires us. This week our song is “Heart of Mine” by Wayfarers

    “Heart of Mine,” is not only a song that is a catchy jam, but it is also a song that preaches self-confidence. The theme of the song is being brave and personal growth, which is perfect for Monday motivation.

    My favorite lines from the song are:
    Yeah, today I’m braver than I ever have been
    I’m standing little taller than I stood back then.

    Definitely check this song out and add it to your rotation!

    Do you have a song that inspires you? Go to to submit your own or DM us on Instagram, @girlspringpower.

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    Music and the Brain: How it Can Help Memory and Learning

    Music and the Brain

    Have you ever heard a song so well-written that the lyrics put you in a trance? Does this trance lead to a moment of peace? According to song scientific studies, music can alter brain functions, which can lead to better memory, auditory processing, and learning ability (See ). Maybe that one song by Ariana Grande helped get you through studying for your exam last week. Or a classical Yo-Yo Ma piece may have helped you calm down enough to get some rest. Try branching out of your comfort zone when it comes to music and see what helps you feel more stimulated. A heavy metal band might just be what you need to avoid another caffeinated beverage, or a country ballad might help motivate you to love yourself more.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right music to make you feel good. Here are some of my favorite bands and artists to check out:

    • Troye Sivan
    • The Cab
    • Florida-Georgia Line
    • Demi Lovato
    • Little Mix
    • Paramore
    • The Aces
    • Red
    • Icon for Hire
    • Hozier
    • Marianas Trench


    Grab a healthy snack (some fruit, carrots, granola bars, etc.), your text book and paper for notes, and a good soundtrack. If you get into a groove where you spend so many hours a day studying and have the bonus of listening to some of your favorite bands, then you might just find your activity levels and grades rising.

    Some helpful tips for securing a good playlist:

    1. Shop around a little bit. Find the music site that works best for you and your budget. If free music is what you are into, then check out premade stations based on your favorite artists (Pandora, Spotify, Youtube).
    2. Mix up your sounds by creating more than one playlist. You can easily make one mixed station but making several sub-playlists will help in the long run, because sometimes you’re just in the mood for one type of music.
    3. Ask for sound recommendations from friends. Someone might be into a band that you’ve never heard of before, so asking opens more doors.
    4. Sometimes cheesy songs bop. Get out of the mindset that something can’t be good just because someone that everyone else likes sings it or because it has a catchy hook. Repetition helps with memory, so sing that song and try to make a jingle for your notes.
    5. Just have fun!
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