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    Alley Cat by Chloe

    The cat depicted is a stray, roaming a blank street. Her eyes are focused upwards, representing her hope. The cat also appears to be searching for something or someone, such as a meal, an owner, or a predator. For me, this alley cat represents how humans are almost always lost, scared, or deprived in their own ways, but they are also capable of being hopeful.

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    Fear is an ever-evolving beast that feeds on doubt and shame. But fear can be a good thing, we are all human and humans make mistakes and humans can and will be afraid at multiple points in our lives. Fear makes us strong.

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    A Bowl Full of Stars

    listen up
    to what my soul conjures up
    all her life she thought she was lost
    until she opened up her eyes
    looked outside
    to see all the world had to offer
    all of the constellations
    underneath her fingertips
    found what heaven looked like

    in the light of the stars
    for the first time in her life
    she let go
    let a star grab her by the hands
    pull her up
    and wrap her in its light
    she finally knew
    being lost wasn’t real
    and neither were you
    not even a word
    a verb
    because you are never lost

    when you are
    a beautiful little
    a piece of the universe