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All About Clinique!

If you’re like me and new to makeup, or not super into it but want to look, feel, and have the comfort of natural beauty looks, then look no further!

After searching for years looking for the perfect brand of makeup that works with my super pale, oily, and sometimes rough skin, I finally found something that works for me.

Granted, this may not work for everyone, but I’d love to share with you a brand that works for me, and may work for you too!



I found this brand when looking for an eyeliner that would last all day on my face and wasn’t a gimmick. When L’Oréal promised me their eyeliner lasted 16 hours and rubbed off as easy as it went on; I kid you not, I knew I was in trouble. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a bunch of Cliniques products and they all worked for me!

Quick Liner for Eyes Intense – 01 Intense Black $24

The best eyeliner I’ve ever used and continue to use, this eyeliner comes in 10 intense shades and even has a lighter counterpart with lighter, less dramatic colors! Finally, you can achieve the perfect point of a winged eyeliner without the mess and time consumption of liquid!

Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara –  Jumbo Jet $25 & High Impact Mascara – Black $25

This mascara does not lie about what it does; I’ve seen and used enough makeup from commercials that promise they’ll work and they don’t. It’s definitely worth the price and lasts about 3+ months without clumping up – and I use mine everyday!

The second mascara I received as a freebie {when you spend too much on Clinique they give you free gifts hehe.} These mascaras in particular accentuate your lashes and make them appear longer, fuller, and look good all day.

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – $14

Practically makeup remover, I’m very picky about what I use to take my makeup off. Wipes aren’t economical and leave you with greasy skin. On top of using Micellar Water with cotton pads, I use this!

Take a tiny bit of this balm and rub it on your eyes, and I’m telling you, it comes off so easy! It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and takes off my dramatic daily makeup look so quickly. Finally, I don’t have to spend 1o minutes in the mirror scrubbing my face with an irritating wipe.

Just apply the balm, rinse your face, and enjoy your super quick skincare routine!

Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator – $17

There is nothing I hate more than using a moisturizer that leaves my face super greasy and creates pimples. Another freebie I received, this hydrator I was skeptical about when I opened it because it is a semi-clear, whitish gray thin cream. To my surprise, just a little dab on my finger went a long way.

Not only does this have zero irritating scent, it went on smoothly, yet left my normally rough face super soft with no greasy after effects, as well as no burning sensation after applying it to my freshly washed pores.

Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream – $28

As a person who personally dislikes using hand creams and lotions, sometimes the inevitable season change causes my hands to become cracked and dry. My cuticles are usually a mess and need oil, but fear not! This cream does BOTH. Yes, you heard me. BOTH.

I don’t like using lotions and hand creams because they’re usually very greasy, smell awful, and don’t do anything for my skin, so I avoid them altogether. So, I got this to try and let me tell you.. Throw out all those nasty expensive lotions and annoying cuticle oil treatments, because this product does the job of both products but without the grease and smell.

Since my cuticles normally get destroyed from daily tasks, this cream goes on smooth with just a little bit, and makes my torn cuticles look and feel so much better. This product is definitely worth its cost.

Last but not least…

The Color Duet Makeup Set – $37

Two makeup bags with trial sized makeups, worth well over $240, all for $37 is a steal. If you’re interested in Clinique’s products and don’t want to break the bank all at once, definitely give this a go! Just one of these bags is worth more than $50, given that my mascara and eyeliner purchase alone equates to $50.

I hope you’re able to check out and hopefully buy these products! They last a long time and are definitely worth the price!


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