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    The Cutest Hair Scarves that You’ll be Wearing All Summer

    hair scarves

    Hair scarves are such an easy and quick to elevate your summer look. You can wear them as headbands, tie them around your ponytail or bun, the possibilities are endless! Here are five of my favorite places to buy hair scarves from:

    1. Kristin Made Not only are these hair scarves super cute, but Kristin is also the sweetest person. She has a YouTube channel where she talks about her life with her husband and two dogs, Honey and Camper. I love these hair scarves and also like to support her. 
    2. Anthropologie Anthropologie has the cutest hair scarves and scrunchies. I get compliments on mine all the time. I love them!
    3. Free People Free People has their own unique style, so these hair scarves are super cute and really different. They also have so many to choose from, you can’t stop at just one!
    4. Urban Outfitters Urban also has a very different style and selection, which will guarantee that you will be different from everyone else!
    5. Asos I love shopping on ASOS and these hair scarfs are so adorable you cannot pass them by. They are reasonably priced and you will for sure need them to complete your summer outfit.

    Want to

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    A Peek into the World of Pageants: Miss Alabama Outstanding Teen

    The girls I’ve met through Miss Alabama and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen organization have become some of my dearest friends. I just competed for the title of Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen. Although I did not walk away with the pageant title, I had the best weekend of my life, and I got to witness one of my dearest friends getting crowned.  The weekend layout is super busy, but it’s a good busy. The phases of competition include a private interview, fitness, talent, evening gown, and an onstage question.

    Image of Sophia Porrill at a pageant.

    Months before competition begins all of the girls involved meet at orientation.  It was such a daunting day for me, being my first orientation. Everyone I met the day of orientation was so nice and understanding. Everyone arrives in shifts. First, you turn in all of the paperwork and then you head back to get headshots taken for the judges’ books.  After you get your headshot taken you get sized for your fitness outfit. After you get done with all of that, then you wait for the meeting to get started.  During the meeting, we draw which number we will compete with and the director goes over the rules.

    Two months later we check in the Friday night before the pageant.  Friday night is such a crazy night! Over half of the girls interview on Friday night, then the last few interview on Saturday morning.  Also Friday night you practice your talent, run through fitness, and you learn the opening and closing numbers. I interviewed on Saturday morning, which in retrospect was a good idea for me.  At orientation, everyone picked their spots, and when picking their spots they found out when they competed. I liked the order I competed and I think it was best suited for me.

    On Saturday, all of the girls competed in the preliminary competitions, and then on Sunday, we found out who the top 20 were.  Although my name was not called for the top 20, I still had the best weekend. No matter win or lose, rain or shine, the girls I competed with on the Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen stage will forever be my dearest friends.  The directors and volunteers at the Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen pageant are some of the absolute best people I’ve ever met. They work so hard to make sure that everything goes off almost perfectly, and they are some of the most hardworking people ever. I am so thankful that I got to work with them at the pageant. To say that the Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen organization shaped me into who I am today is an understatement. When I think back to the past year, I am so happy that I got to do it with the best girls ever.

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    How to Turn a Bad Day Around

    Girl down in the dumps

    There are lots of ways for a day to go bad: school, bad break ups, and even family drama can turn a standard day into a nightmare. Sometimes life can get really frustrating to the point where you just want to stay in bed for the rest of the day. Through self-care, like this routine on, you can feel good in the long run, sometimes all you need is an instant pick-me-up to straighten out the day. 

    Here’s a list of things you can do to get your bad day back on track.

    Have a good laugh

    Laughing is hard, especially if you’re not in the mood for it – but sometimes that’s all you need to drive the negative vibes away. There is even scientific evidence to back this up, with NBC News reporting that smiling can trick the brain into happiness. The news site reported that smiling “spurs a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing certain hormones including dopamine and serotonin.” The hormones you need to make you happy. If you feel like you need a quick chuckle, Buzzfeed is full of jokes, as is Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter. There are many ways to pick yourself up and a quick internet search could put a smile back on your face in no time.


    We know what you’re thinking: who needs exercise? It’s tedious, sweaty and an absolute chore. Well, who said anything about push-ups? Exercise can be something as fun as ice skating, swimming or biking around the neighborhood. Exercise is a refreshing way to boost your mood. Very Well Health explains that you only need to do 30 minutes a day to get the benefits, particularly when it comes to improving your mood. It can even be something as simple as walking the dog.

    Wear your favorite clothes

    Clothes are like a second skin, and can affect or even reflect your mood for the day. A study by the University of Queensland showed that we either dress how we’d like to feel, or, more often than not, how we’d like others to think we’re feeling. This is why going out can be such a chore, especially if you’re having a bad day. The trick is to have go-to clothes for going out and clothes for staying at home. If you are at home, relax in the comfiest clothes you can. Sometimes all you need to do is put on your favorite comfy pants to lift your mood. The stretchy bootcut yoga pants on Woman Within are made from a soft knit material and have an elastic waist in order to provide maximum comfort – the definition of home relaxation. The clothes you wear at home should be easy to slip into and you shouldn’t have to worry about how they will fit your body.

    Meet friends

    On the other hand you could go out. And why do it alone when you can invite a couple of friends? Go out and see a movie – or invite them over for some pizza. This isn’t about forgetting what ruined your day, but creating new memories that will top any bad experience. That way when you look back, the first thing you’ll remember is how much of a good day it was.

    Treat yourself

    Craving for some sugar? Get a tub of ice cream. Something greasy? Order pizza. Or maybe it’s been a while since you did your nails. Treating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of things to do at home, like a skin-care routine, watch TV or take a long nap that will help lift your mood. In the chaos of the life, sometimes the best thing you can do is find some quality time for yourself. It is a good way to recharge your batteries, especially after a really bad day.

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    A New Trend: The Return of Plastic Earrings

    A New Trend

    A New Trend: The Return of Plastic Earrings

    A New Trend: The Return of Plastic Earrings

    When you think of earrings, your mind usually fills with pictures of  sterling silver, gold hoops, or diamonds stud, but they can be so much more than that. Back in the 1980s women of all ages were rocking huge, fun, neon earrings that become the focal point for any outfit. These were different not only because of how they captured attention, but also due to the fact they were made of, not metal, but plastic.

    This 80s trend is making a comeback today. However, one main difference is that although these earrings may look to be made of plastic, they are actually made of a substance called lucite which is not a plastic at all, but, in fact, a form of glass.

    However, to southern boutiques, it does not seem to matter much what the earrings are made from, more how they look on, and, these lucite earrings can quickly become the focal point of any outfit. So, love them or hate them, it seems as if lucite earrings are the next new, or old, accessory, and they will be everywhere this summer.

    Looking for more style tips? Visit

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    Polishing your Wardrobe with Megan LaRussa

    Polishing Your Wardrobe - Megan LaRussa

    Polishing Your Wardrobe!

    With Style Coach, Megan LaRussa

    Gearing up for an interview? Style Coach, Megan LaRussa shares quick and easy ways to ensure you look and feel polished!

    Check out the GirlSpring Youtube page, here! You can watch more of Megan’s videos there.
    Megan spoke at one of Wonder Woman talks, learn more here!
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    Transitional Outfits for Unpredictable Weather

    Transitional Wardrobe Outfits

    Thanks to our guest blogger, Olivia! Olivia can be found at @liv.cassandra on Instagram or check out her personal blog at

    Much like the difficult transition from tween to teen, transitioning my wardrobe between Winter and Spring can be really, really hard! Since this time of the year the weather swings like my mood, I have to make sure each outfit is practical for Spring’s fluctuating temperatures. Unfortunately, stores sell what is in season. This creates a challenge for consumers when the weather is between seasons.

    transitional outfits for unpredictable weather

    That being said, there are still many transitional pieces that work, so you can enjoy your day without being too hot or too cold.

    During the months leading up to Spring, I find myself reaching for pieces that expose either my legs or my arms, but not both. With this rule, it’s easy to stay cool, but not too cool. I’ve been loving this sweatshirt dress, which is a heavier material, compensating for the lack of coverage on my legs.  I paired my floral Doc Martens with it, which added quite a bit of interest, given the fact that the dress is fairly simple.

    During Winter, people tend to layer up as much as possible, so when the days start to warm up a bit, just “layer down”!  For my next outfit, I chose two layers, which were made of fairly thin materials. Although my top layer is adorable, it’s more of a Summer top.  So, instead of just throwing on a jacket, I decided to layer a simple black turtleneck underneath. Not only is this a huge trend, but it also kept me warm!  For my pants, I picked out a simple pair of jeans, because my top was pretty extravagant already.

    Too often, girls assume that the only type of jeans they can wear are skinny jeans. Society perpetuates a stereotype that any other pant isn’t feminine enough. But, that’s just not true.

    As shown in the picture, I am wearing girlfriend jeans, which are still form-fitting but loose enough to keep me cool. Wearing jeans that aren’t skin tight will keep you a lot cooler!

    At the end of the day, figuring out the look that works for you can be really hard – not just because it’s tricky to find the right clothes during transitional seasons. Therefore, the ultimate tip I can give is to wear what you want. Don’t let other people’s opinions influence who you want to be. I know this because for far too long, I didn’t wear what I wanted. So, don’t be afraid to take chances, you never know what could happen.


    Olivia from Some Place in the Middle



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    Look AND Feel Like A Million Bucks

    Look And Feel Like A Million Bucks

    Look AND Feel Like A Million Bucks


    By Zharia McKenzie

    Zharia studies News Media at The University of Alabama. When not working towards her degree, Zharia gets to work alongside the creative minds at Free People – allowing her to style women in clothing that empowers them.

    Check out this cool video she made!

    Lilly Pittman, a senior stylist for Free People, give us a glimpse of the life of a stylist!

    Want to learn more style tips? Click here,