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    Why it’s Okay Not to have a Date this Valentine’s Day

    Updated February 6, 2023

    February 14th can be a stressful day for many people. Some experience breakups at the beginning of this month, and some don’t even celebrate. If you are celebrating this year without a significant other, it’s okay. Here’s why:

    History of Valentine’s Day

    The origins of this holiday are very mysterious; nobody really knows exactly how it became a holiday for romance and showering partners in affection. Some theorize that it became an honorary day for a martyr of the Catholic Church, St. Valentine. He apparently was jailed and fell in love with the jailer’s daughter where he created the first-ever “valentine,” or a love letter to this woman.

    Now, if the day is dedicated to this saint, why has it become a day to share little pieces of candy with classmates and loved ones? Somewhere along the way, beginning in the 1700s, people began exchanging handmade valentines with one another. Obviously, throughout the years the holiday has become a trademark tradition for couples to celebrate. But you don’t have to spend it that way.

    Being Single on February 14th

    Each year, however, so many people around the world are left without a partner to celebrate with. It has become so customary that if you don’t have a significant other during the month of February, you can’t celebrate the same, but you can. I know I’ve spent many holidays without a boyfriend, and each year I still manage to turn it into a better situation for myself and my friends.

    This year, celebrate self-love. Celebrate the love of your closest friends. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean specifically a partner. There are so many important people in everyone’s lives that deserve loving recognition. So, this Valentine’s put yourself first. If you find yourself without a significant other, celebrate with your girls or give your mother flowers.


    Relationship Boundaries

    Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

    It’s Never the End of the World

    I promise you will survive. Make this holiday a girls’ day, and give your best friends Valentine’s Day cards or candy. Show your family how much you love them; a holiday about love doesn’t mean you are forced to celebrate a significant other. I know personally, I’ve given my best friends little gifts on the 14th. Turn it into something fun, instead of dwelling on the fact that you are single.

    Change the narrative to empower yourself and all the other single women on this holiday. You may find that having your best friends with you on the day can be even more fun. Everyone deserves to have a fun, love-filled holiday regardless of who you’re spending it with.

    This year, don’t be afraid to try something new. Grab dinner with your mother, or make little treats for your friends. Love can be acknowledged in so many different ways; the opportunities are endless.

    So, Happy Valentine’s Day

    With all of this being said, keep these things in mind as we get closer to the 14th. I wish you all a great holiday if you choose to celebrate. Take care of yourself this coming Monday, and shower yourself in love this holiday season. Each and every one of the readers on this site deserve all the love in the world.


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