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Easiest ways to make money if you’re under 16

So you’re not yet 16 and you want to find some quick and easy ways to make a little extra cash for a vacation or over the summer. Here are some ways I’ve found work in the past before I was able to apply for a real job.


The first thing you can try is to babysit for families in your neighborhood or for your own parents. If you enjoy taking care of younger kids and are responsible enough to be left alone with them, babysitting is a great place to start. Make flyers announcing that you are able to babysit with a good phone number on it, or have your parents or guardian post on the community Facebook page. Most likely, there are many families in your area that are in need of someone to watch their children so they can go on a date night or after school because they have work. Being a babysitter is one of the simpler options you have at this point in time. It is also something that you can put on a resume once you do turn 16 and start the job application process.

Chores Around the House

This may seem obvious to some, but for others, they would never think to help around the house for some change. So, ask your parents if you can help them clean or take out the trash for a couple of extra bucks. This is another easy way for you to make fast money because you live there! It will help your family out so much and it’ll help keep your living environment clean and tidy. This could also be you helping your parents make dinner or mowing the yard as well.


If you find yourself excelling in a subject in school, you should consider tutoring other students. Almost every middle school and high school will have a form of tutoring for all ages, so reach out to a counselor or teacher and see how you can get involved. You can offer other kids in school a program for a few dollars per hour and help them get better grades in class. This is also another good activity you can put on a resume that will demonstrate qualities that employers are looking for in high school employees.

Social Media

If you are tech-savvy or creative, try social media out. Make youtube videos or tik tok videos and if you put in time and dedication you can make some money off your videos. You can make videos on anything which is the amazing part of social media. Anything you really enjoy, so many other people out there enjoy as well. All you need is a phone or tablet, you do not even need a camera to record and post. Sometimes, you can also get brand deals with clothing brands or jewelry companies by having followers, and you can make videos on the products. As social media continues to become more popular, it will become easier to grow your own accounts and channels.  But, as always, make sure to be safe on social media and follow all internet guidelines and etiquette.

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