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What to Pack for Spring Break 2022

Spring break is quickly coming up.

Here is everything you need to bring with you to make the most of your vacation.

Whether you are traveling to the beaches of Florida or the coast of California, packing a suitcase is the most important part of the pre-trip preparation. After traveling almost every year of my life, I have learned the ins and outs of packing the perfect bag for any trip. Here are some of my favorite things to bring with me on a trip and some helpful tips to maximize your outfits to be ready for any vacation.

First, make a list.

Crafting a list of all the essentials you need to bring with you is the first and most important step before you start packing. A list is a sure way to cross everything off as you go to make sure you bring everything you wanted. I’ve found that making a list is quick, easy, and honestly kind of fun. A list will also keep you organized because, trust me, I know how stressful travel can be. When you have all of your belongings arranged neatly, it becomes that much easier on you; you can even make it cute with gel pens or stickers—whatever you think is best and will help you out the most. So, grab a pen and paper or your phone and get to writing.

Now it’s time to get packing.

I always like to first list the essentials that I know I’ll wear/use every day that I’m on vacation. Underwear and bras, lots of socks, and a few basic pieces should be the first thing you put in your bags. I find that sometimes these are the items I forget to pack enough of—for socks and underwear, bring more than you’ll think you will need.

Basic pieces can be simple tops, a few pairs of shorts, or anything that you could easily throw together in an outfit for any occasion. Also, some toiletries like a toothbrush and hairbrush. Definitely bring a blowdryer or flat iron as well. If you are flying this spring break, some items you can’t bring on the plane, so I’d suggest going with a parent or guardian to the store once you land in your destination to pick up the few things you’re missing.

Some other small items you will want to bring are headphones or air pods, a hat of some kind, a purse or bag to carry around with you and UV protection sunglasses.  In addition to choosing the level of UV protection, it’s important to consider the right frames. The shape of your frame should complement your facial features and protect the skin around your eyes. Visit the link, for cool frames for eyewear and find sunglasses with the right UV protection and frames.

Flip-flops or Birkenstocks are a good item to bring when traveling to a beach spot. These are just extra things that you’ll use either while traveling or once you’re at your vacation spot. I promise, if you get sunburned you will wish you had brought a hat, so bring it just in case.

Outfit planning is so important.

Everyone wants to have cute and stylish outfits when you’re traveling anywhere on vacation. Take the time to lay out some different outfit options and pick clothes you feel the most confident in; I always like to do this just to get an idea of what I’m working with. You will feel organized when you know what you have to wear when you get to your destination. Also, include some jewelry and accessories like your favorite necklace or some rings when you’re laying out some clothing options. This step is really fun and can show you all of your options in a more visual manner. Once a list is done, you can plan some outfits so you can keep everything from your list in order.

After you have all of your bags packed, always comb through everything one final time before you leave. If you have a feeling in the airport that you forgot something, chances are you probably did. My mom always told me to check my bags one more time if I feel like I had finished packing.

Have a great spring break! I hope some of these tips help you when you begin packing in a few short weeks. Going on vacation is so fun, so make sure you are ready. It will make your trip that much better if you’re organized and pack all the essentials.



Now that you have an idea about how and what to pack for Spring Break, here are some alternative ideas for your vacation.

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