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    My Fitness Journey

    My Fitness Journey

    Learning the Difference Between Self-Sabotage and Self-Care

    When I was 14 I decided to make a change. Chubby and tired of being labeled “the chubby friend”, I started a 30-day workout video called “30 Day Shred” by Julian Michaels. I also downloaded the My Fitness Pal app to count calories. All of this was completely new to me and I had zero knowledge of working out or healthy eating.

    However, I did know that the Google search results on “how to lose 20 pounds in a week” were not working.

    Within the first week of counting calories and working out, I noticed results. Because I was in the ninth grade, my metabolism was probably in its prime. I just needed to put in a little effort because of bad genes. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Without realizing it, I lost 30 pounds in a month! Often, I lost motivation and did not want to work out, but watching the scale go down helped me to persevere.

    If you know anything about counting calories – you know that once you factor your weight loss, it lowers your calorie intake and so on. Ultimately, this created an obsessive behavior. As the weight continued dropping, I managed to still see myself as the chubby, 130-pound girl I was determined to erase.

    I was miserable. I constantly thought about food, and wouldn’t hang out with friends if I hadn’t worked out. If I missed one day of working out, I felt like I had gained 5 pounds. If I ate more than 2 slices of pizza I would take laxatives to make up for it. After diving straight into an incredibly unhealthy mentality, I didn’t eat cake on my birthday because I was afraid it would make me fat. I was afraid of food and terrified of gaining any weight.

    This went on for a while until I was miserable enough to confess to my sister – which wasn’t much of a confession because all I ever talked about was food and working out so she had already noticed.

    My mentality was so messed up. I started to research on maintaining my weight and tried to find stories about people who had gone through the same thing. I found nothing.

    It wasn’t until I came across a girl on Instagram who had just finished a workout guide called BBG. Grace had abs and that was what I was striving for. I worked hard and wanted abs to prove it. So I started doing BBG and I did not like it, at all. I thought the workouts were boring because I was a runner. I didn’t finish BBG but I continued to follow Grace and her fitness journey. BBG lead her to fall in love with lifting weights and cured her unhealthy relationship with food.

    Finally, I found my solution to this madness. Although the weight room was unfamiliar to me, I threw myself in. To be honest, I was clueless and felt like a man. Eventually, I  learned the correct form, put my headphones in and pretended to know what I was doing – using the Nike Training app as my guide. I fell in love with the gym. It became my stress reliever and my favorite part of the day. My body was sore, but seriously who doesn’t like that feeling? I felt so strong but just wanted to transform my body.

    Weight lifting resolved my eating issues. I fell in love with healthy eating and learned how to balance my meals and fuel my body according to my new active lifestyle. I stopped counting calories and solely focused on how my body felt and the nutrients I was consuming.

    It is incredible the way my body has transformed. Now, I workout 4-6 days a week and love it. Also, I’m much stronger and am learning a lot about form and technique with the help of Youtube and Instagram. It is crazy what you can accomplish if you just change your mentality. 

    Be healthy and take care of your body! WE can do anything. Girl power!


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    Lip Products You Will LOVE

    Lip Products You Will Love

    My mom always stressed the importance of finding a good lip color. She told us our makeup look was never complete without the presence of a bright and bold color painted on our lips. So naturally, I’ve always stocked up on my lipsticks and never left the house without one. I have a lot of favorite brands so I am going to share the ones I am most obsessed with.

    MAC Lipstick (Matte Lipstick)

    These are a little pricey, but they are so worth it! This lipstick leaves a soft, light finish that doesn’t wipe off too easily and it also doesn’t dry your lips out. These lipsticks feel so good on your lips and you can feel the quality. These are my go-to lipsticks and I keep them in my purse at all times. My favorite shades are “Half-calf, Fam only, and Nutmegged.”

    Urban Decay (Vice Liquid Lipstick)

    One of my favorite lip brands ever! When I first received this as a Christmas gift I carried it around with me everywhere. It leaves a nice matte finish but goes on very smoothly and doesn’t leave your lips extremely chapped. It is one of my favorites. I love it in the shade “Backtalk.”

    Milani (Amore Satin Matte Lip Crème)

    You can find this at Walmart, Target, and Publix it is sooo cheap and it is amazing! It is only about $7 a tube and it lasts so long. It’s perfectly matte and went with every single one of my outfit looks. It would take so much to wipe off and would still be on after I ate dinner. It also has a really nice smell and it makes your lips smell like vanilla. My favorite shade is “Luxe.”

    Jouer (Lip Creme)

    I found this brand one day as I was scrolling through Twitter and decided to try it out. That was one of my best decisions. This lipstick smells so good and it lasts so long. It stays on throughout eating and drinking and they have an amazing selection of colors. This lipstick is so different from the others I tried and I will continue to order lipstick from this company. My favorite shades are “Bronze Rose” and “Terra.”

    Buxom (Big and Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick)

    I love Buxom lip products. Most of their lip products have plump in them so not only are they completing your makeup look, they are making your lips look good. This lipstick is so good I used the whole tube and bought another one, which I hardly ever do. It looks so good on and it feels so soft on your lips. I get so many compliments on the way it looks and the color. My favorite shade is “Rebel Rose.”

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    How to Start Working out and not get Discouraged

    Start Working Out

    It is the beginning of a new year and you may feel like it’s finally time to start making time for the gym and start your journey to a new you. You may have no idea where to start or whether or not you need to have a gym membership to lose weight. If you are feeling desperate for a quick fix then understand now that there is no such thing as a quick fix and your body will not change overnight. It is going to take hard work, dedication, and persistency.  You are not alone I, myself have Googled “how to lose 20 pounds overnight” and it was left with the only option: eat healthy and exercise.  So how do you get started?

    Find a workout you enjoy:

    You can workout in so many different ways: running, cycling, yoga, H.I.I.T., weights, and so many other things. Whatever gets your heart rate up and causes you to wipe the sweat of your brow. You need to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. H.I.I.T. otherwise known as high intensity interval training is a fast-paced workout where you give it your all for 30 minutes at a very-high intensity. It is proven to be extremely effective in burning fat and showing results quickly. Cycling and running are also high intensity cardio options that will guarantee results. Don’t be afraid of the weights! The weight rooms are usually men-dominate but there is not reason to feel intimidated. Weights will give you that toned definition you want and don’t worry you won’t walk out of the gym looking like Hulk.

    Change up your diet:

    If you continue to eat the way you did before you decided to get healthy then working out will not cancel that out. Essentially, your body will not change if you do not give it the nutrients it needs in addition to working out. So add some veggies and fruits to that grocery list so that you can get the results you want!

    At-home workouts:

    If you are intimidated by the gym or can’t afford to go, then workout at home! I was so surprised that you could do so many workouts at home. at the beginning of my fitness journey. I lost 30 pounds by working out at home. Youtube has so many free workout videos. Julian Michaels and Blogilates have free workout videos on Youtube along with many other fitness youtubers. Nike Training Club is a free app that has so many workouts. You can even select how much time you have and what you want to workout. Popsugar Fitness has a workout generator and I promise you will wake up sore after all those burpees. Going for a run is free and it not only improves your heart health but it gets you outside and the endorphins will leave you antsy for tomorrow’s run.

    Do not get Discouraged:

    Getting started is the hardest. It is easy to give up when you are just beginning to get in shape. You will feel defeated and like you aren’t strong enough. Keep pushing through! Don’t give up on yourself. If you lose motivation then pick yourself up and remind yourself why you are doing this, why you want to better yourself, and why you want to be healthy. Start off small and gradually work yourself up, when it starts to feel easy then challenge yourself by running two miles instead of one just keep going!

    Take progress photos:

    You see yourself every single day so it may be hard to see your body changing, but if you take photos you will be able to look back and see just how much your body has changed. Scales don’t always tell the truth and usually leave you feeling discouraged so stay away from them if you can. Don’t be so hard on yourself or become obsessive. Your body is your temple so remind yourself you are doing this, which is to be kind to your body, not to achieve some ridiculous “model” body.

    Make a schedule:

    If you change up your workout routine everyday or every other day then your body will continue to be challenged which means more change! It will also keep you from getting bored and burned out if you do the same exact workout everyday.

    Working out at the gym:

    You don’t have to only do cardio at the gym. If you want to get stronger and challenge your body with weights then don’t be scared to do so. I walked into the gym completely clueless about weights or what a “rep” even was. At first, I used Pinterest to get my ideas about working out with weights, but then I soon discovered Whitney Simmons on Youtube. She will show you her workouts and she will also give you tips on your form and breathing, for free! So if you want to jump into the weight room, do it with confidence. You got this!

    Sample beginner workout plan: 




    Run 1 mile






    Run 1.5 miles



    Rest day







    Run 1 mile



    Rest day

    You can customize this however you would like, but this is a sample of what a week would look like. I hated working out and once I started my fitness journey I feel in love with exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Now, I am passionate about helping others find love through exercising, too. Don’t give up, you can do anything!

    Happy working out!


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    Buying healthy groceries on a budget

    Eating healthy may seem difficult when you find yourself always going over your weekly budget and it always seems like healthy food cost twice as much as junk food. Healthy eating shouldn’t be hard and you should be able to buy the groceries that you want without spending too much. So how do you ditch the Ramen noodles and buy food that will fuel your body and give you all the nutrients it needs?

    Grocery Cart With Item

    Make a list and set a spending limit:

    It may seem like simple advice but making a list of your favorite healthy foods will keep you focused. You won’t be grabbing anything and everything that you see off the shelves. Every time I make a list I feel like I have no other choice but to stick with it. Another tip, use a calculator. This will give you a range of how much your groceries will cost so that you don’t end up overspending. Trust me, that has happened to me way too many times.

    Avoid Junk Food:

    No matter how bad those chips are calling your name, don’t give in. You will this save money, AND it will keep you from midnight snacking on foods full of salt and fat. Those shiny wrappers are wrapped around processed food that has a long shelf life but will not be beneficial to you, whatsoever. So focus on groceries that are more organic and stray away from foods that have 20 ingredients or more.

    Don’t by ALL your fruit and veggies fresh:

    Frozen and canned fruits and veggies are a lifesaver.  Not only do they last extremely long, but they are so CHEAP! Frozen fruit does not get rotten fast and has a lot more flavor packed into it. Canned veggies are fast, easy, and will save you a lot of money. If you can’t buy all of them fresh then these are alternatives that will still keep you on track to being healthy

    Get some grains:

    Rice is so cheap. It is a perfect side to any meal and can be made in less than ten minutes. If you are trying to eat healthy brown rice will give you the whole grain you need and keep you full long longer.

    Don’t go to the store hungry:

    I’ve found myself buying way more groceries than I needed for the week only because I was hungry, so make sure you aren’t starving when you are perusing the aisles.

    Budgeting is not easy, especially when you could easily buy cheap food that will seemingly agree more with your bank account but, if you actually take a few moments to plan your grocery store trip you can successfully walk away without a dent in your bank account and a full grocery cart.