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What I Eat in a Day: Healthy Eating in College

I’ve always been passionate about healthy eating and love to workout, therefore I have to fuel my body the right way, but I haven’t always been healthy. By modifying my meals and substituting non-healthy meals for healthy meals, it’s always been a fun way to eat healthier for me. So, here is what I eat in a day to maintain my weight and stay healthy in college.


Option one consists of 2 eggs, 1 piece of toast with half an avocado on top, and any fruit I like! Another option for me is almond flour banana pancakes with peanut butter and yogurt.


Personally, my go-to is grilled chicken, brown rice, and a small salad with poppy seed dressing. Or, you can still have grilled chicken in pizza form, but instead on pita bread with grilled red peppers, onions, tomato sauce, and cheese!


My snacks include, but aren’t limited to: mixed nuts, rice cakes with almond butter, smoothies, fruits, and yogurt. These can be eaten throughout the day and between meals. I also like to indulge in healthy treats like dark chocolate! Check out this recipe using Ghirardelli chocolate chips!


I love having a turkey burger with grilled onions, green beans, and sweet potato! But you can also have another favorite of mine, lemon pepper grilled chicken, asparagus with parmesan cheese, and black-eyed peas. And my third go-to would have to be spaghetti squash, grilled chicken, and rice!


These are all my go-to’s on a daily basis! I like to use cookbooks, Pinterest, and YouTube videos for inspiring brands, ideas, and meal prep ideas. Overall, there are so many options out there, so do some research and start experimenting!

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring! Click here to see some more healthy eating tips by GirlSpring.

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