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Budget Friendly Shopping

How to Score the Latest Trends, Without Breaking the Bank


If you are constantly paying full price when shopping – trust me, you are missing out!

I always found myself leaving the store with one item after paying full price, and would wonder why I could never get a lot of clothes. It felt impossible to go shopping and come back with an abundance of clothes.

Then, I discovered sale racks.

I quickly became friends with the sale racks. The moment I walked in the store, I put my tunnel vision on and headed for the sales rack. I was now walking out of the store with my head held high, shopping bags weighing my arms down, feeling like a boss.

I couldn’t believe I found the secret to shopping.

Although, I began to realize my college budget wasn’t going to support my brand name shopping habits. So, I found a way around it. I started shopping online and scouting out the biggest sales. I also fell in love with digging around thrift stores and finding hidden treasures for 50 cents. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I guess? I live by that. Plus, where else can you shop when you’re on a low budget, but also want brand names and to continue living in style?

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is one of my favorite places to shop. Not only do they have brand names, but the stuff is also brand new with the tags still on them. I love digging through the racks and finding really nice clothes for almost half the price. Not only do they have good quality clothes, but they have name brand shoes and items like makeup, skin care, and hair care!

When you are in college you take what you can get. Honestly, I can’t buy extremely expensive workout gear, but their legging selection is amazing and my favorite pair is one I snagged from TJ Maxx. The majority of compliments on my clothes come from my finds at TJ Maxx.


Target’s clearance rack is for sure one of my go-to’s. They have definitely stepped up their game in the clothes department, so a lot of their clothes are in style and are good quality. They also have the best materials and some of their clothes are so soft!

They never fail to have cute graphic tees that go perfectly with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some sneakers. I love shopping at Target and I have been so impressed by their huge selection of clothes, so stalk those sale racks and get a steal!

Plato’s Closet

If you have one of these stores in your area, say hello to your new best friend. Especially living in a college town, you can go into Plato’s and find extremely high-end clothes that are half the price and still have the tags. If I ever need to buy basics or just want to find expensive clothes for cheap, this is my first place on the list.

Their fitness selection is always overflowing and I have found some amazing workout clothes that still had the tags on them. Basically, their clothes are like new and I didn’t have to pay a fortune (I love this store!). You can also donate your clothes and they will pay you, so it’s a win-win for all.

Online Shopping

My favorite online stores are ASOS, Forever 21 and TobiThey both center their clothes around the latest styles. Forever 21’s sales are always going on and they never fail to have extremely cute, cheap clothes. I love getting leggings from them because they are only like $7-$12 and are so comfy.

Also, all the weird, in-style stuff that I like to try to pull off, I usually get from there. ASOS on the other hand is a little more pricey, but if you keep a watch on their sales you can get a lot of clothes for a really good price. Their clothes are so cute, stylish, and they have a huge selection of sneakers and cute accessories.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are my best friend. I am a huge fan of weird and vintage clothes, so my favorite thing to do on a Saturday is to go rummage through thrift stores and try to find hidden goodies. People always compliment my thrift store clothes and they don’t even know.

It’s crazy the cool things you can find that someone just gave away. My town has a store called Bargain Hunt, and I recently went in there and happened to come across a pair of jeans that were originally $200 and I got them for $11 WITH TAGS. So be sure check out your local thrift stores and have fun doing it! You will be surprised by all that you find.

Happy shopping!


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