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The Effects of Jokes

Jokes are mainly the center of all relationships. We use jokes everyday to lighten up situations, have fun, and make friends, but there is a time when jokes can go too far. A joke goes too far when only the person telling the joke ends up laughing.

Jokes Gone Too Far

When making a joke that talks about body weight or looks, it can be dangerous. You never know when your joke can take a toll on someone’s life. Say that you make a joke that’s calling your best friend fat, how can you really tell if she’s faking a laugh, signaling the topic to move on. No matter if your joke is an inside joke or not, it can go too far and can cause major damage on the person that’s the center of the joke.

A common effect of jokes targeting body image is an eating disorder. Eating disorders are very serious and can be fatal. I’m not saying that you should not tell jokes, I’m just stating that you should think twice before commenting about people’s bodies because you never know how someone is really feeling. Try to tell jokes that aren’t about beauty standards and more about chickens crossing roads or what you call 3-legged cows (ground beef 🙂).


Click here to see how Girl Spring contributor Suhani Tiwari’s article explains the seriousness of eating disorders and the consequences of negativity on the body.

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