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    Poem: Questions…

    A black woman in solitude and peace

    I’m speaking about my confidence

    Saying I’m going to change then do the opposite

    Why can’t my brain be dominant?

    My heart makes a turn, and now my whole mind suffering

    Are my feelings too strong? What am I doing wrong?

    Will I ever be happy with my well-being and the skin that I’m in?

    Will I ever find happiness within?

    Will I ever learn that I am good by myself?

    I guess it’s true, loving myself is a part of being alone

    I hope ‘23 has something way better for me

    Because my tear ducts about to give up on me

    Words help for the moment, but somehow don’t stick to the surface

    I just want to be freed from this prison called unconfident

    Hopefully, my time is getting shortened, cause this place has never been nice to my sanity

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