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    Poem: Red Candle


    One pink and red candle-

    wax dripping hot.

    I burned my knuckle and sucked the sore.

    It wept.



    I met a boy last night

    and everything made sense.


    I wrapped him in my blanket

    and looked into his eyes.

    I swore after the first,

    and I didn’t;

    I never did,


    Until now.


    He smiles at me

    and all is forgotten.

    Body and blood.


    Strange Eucharist.


    He believed me-

    wrapped in my blanket

    and dancing with the chill.

    Everything became so clear;


    It is you!

    A Puck-

    A Lazarus.

    A prince?


    I laugh and applaud from the back of the theater.

    The red candle burns.

    The wax drips.


    And I cry.

    Not from sorrow nor pain,

    But because the world has finally un-fogged



    And I can see again.


    I’m trying.

    I am trying,



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