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Poem: Closure

I need closure

I guess I don’t need it so much as want it

The closure I am looking for I will never receive

Because you will never talk to me

I need closure because of what happened all those years ago

We were young

They were young 

None of us knew any better

I just liked you because I could talk to you 

Ironic is it not

I liked talking to you but now we will never talk again

I regret some of it

Most of it actually 

But mostly I feel guilty 

It was not your fault

But I acted like it was

I was awful to you

But then again I was young

I didn’t know any better

But now I do

I want to talk

I still want to know why and for how long

But I never will

Sometimes I think about what would have happened if we acted like teenagers instead of children 

We would be happy 

Not necessarily happy together

But content

I would be able to talk to you

You would be my friend

My face wouldn’t turn red at the sight of you

I wouldn’t have to change my route to class to make sure I didn’t see you

I could walk to class with you and joke 

But that will never happen

Because we acted like our ages

I want to have closure

I want answers

I want so many things

I need so many things

But I can never have them

Because we will never talk

So I will say the most important thing here

Somewhere I know you will never see it

But I need closure

I need to leave you behind 

I need to move forward

So here it goes

I wish it had ended differently

I am sorry


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  • Reva Lingala

    This is such a powerful poem

    December 11, 2023 at 4:47 pm
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