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Edge of Seventeen

I’m teetering on the edge of Seventeen.

Fifteen was too little, Sixteen was too late,

and now my feet are clinging onto the cliffside as

I dilate my already widened eyes to the violent churning of the unknown below.


I’m not ready to leave my adolescence;

my shining, shimmering, unadulterated effervescence.

The wiles of just being a girl and the flood of feeling

that push and pull me, but never let me sink.

I’m no stranger to swimming, but I can’t ignore the fear of wild uncharted waters

that do little to help me float.


I’m afraid I will lose a friend;

the one who has known me when many others have not.

She keeps my secrets and shames, while stumbling over her all-unknowing.

But my laughter and passion flow through her veins like the strongest of rivers.


I couldn’t begin to stop the tides of time,

and I know I will not go forward without fear.

But my friend will never leave me, she will grow by my side.

The cliffs will begin to feel like a perch and I will set my sight to the sky.


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