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    Strategies for Improving Hydration Habits

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    Staying hydrated is one of the most vital ways to keep healthy. However, it can be very difficult to get the proper amount of water each day. Take a moment and ask yourself: “How many bottles of water did I drink today?” If you can’t even remember, this article is for you. Let’s go over some strategies to get ourselves to drink more water. 

    1. Purchase a water bottle 

    Invest in a water bottle that speaks to you. While it might seem ironic that we resort to materialism for better hydration, if it gets the job done, why not? Find a water bottle that resonates with you—whether it’s your favorite color, pattern, or simply one that feels right in your hand. It doesn’t have to break the bank either! Personally, I didn’t love the thought of spending $45 for a Stanley Cup, so I opted for a Hydro Flask tumbler at just $25, and it functions just as well, if not better. I can’t explain the psychology behind it, but ever since I started using the tumbler, my water intake has soared. Before, I was barely managing three bottles a day, but now, I easily hit eight. Give it a try and see if it works for you. You can also purchase water bottles that have measurement marks and times on the sides. This way you can visualize how much you have drank by a certain time. Sometimes, having something a little nicer than a plain plastic bottle can be just the motivation you need!

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    2. Hydration with a Twist

    Let’s face it, sometimes plain water can be a bit blah. But fear not! I’ve got some tasty tricks up my sleeve to jazz up your hydration game. Say goodbye to those sugary water flavoring packets and hello to a world of fresh flavors. Here are a few of my favorite combos.

    Mint, Lemon, and Ice: Picture yourself on the beach, sipping on a refreshing blend of lemon and mint over ice. It’s like a mini vacation in a glass. 

    Mint and Cucumber: This is such a simple yet delicious combo. Plus, it is packed with vitamins! 

    Berry Mix: Add a burst of goodness to your water with strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Bonus: once you’ve finished your drink, you’ve got a tasty snack waiting for you at the bottom of the glass!

    Juice: Short on time? No problem! Just add a splash of your favorite juice to your water for an instant flavor boost. Personally, I love to add mango nectar to my water!

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    3. Water tracker

    Tracking everything seems to be the norm these days, doesn’t it? You can download a mobile app or if you prefer something physical, a printable or homemade tracker are great options. A quick Google search for “water tracker template” will provide you with plenty of resources to choose from. Personally, I find it easier to stay on top of my hydration goals with an app—it’s like having a little reminder buddy with me all day long, nudging me to take a sip!

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    That’s about it! Best of Luck!

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