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Seven Acts of Kindness to do This Summer

Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat?” The phrase is associated with containing a good diet. However, what if the phrase was applied to kindness. For example, “you are how you treat people.” This is definitely a more eye-opening statement to encourage people to be kind. As my mother always told me, treat people kindly for yourself  more than anything. At first, I was confused, believing that kindness is for the good of the people around you.

Now, it makes sense. The first purpose of kindness, I believe, is to create a positive environment for yourself; so that you feel good. Thus, here is a list of acts of kindness that don’t take much effort. 

1 – Mirror Notes 

Whether it’s a school or restaurant restroom, putting a sticky note on the bathroom mirror is sure to brighten someone’s day. A mirror is the perfect place for encouraging messages, considering its a common location for self doubt or insecurities. Fill the sticky note with a, “you’re beautiful” or, “keep your head up.”

2 – Compliments

This is the easiest way to be kind. Sure, it can be intimidating to compliment a stranger, but, the truth is, you probably won’t see them ever again. Think about how you feel when someone compliments your outfit or your personality. Pass that along to others. 

3 – Donate 

There are many forms of donation, but they don’t always have to be done through money. 

  • Donate clothes or newly bought personal hygiene items to a shelter 
  • Donate books to a library
  • Donate toys to thrift stores 


  • GoFundMe
  • A quick Google search of trusted organizations you support
  • Donate to hospitals, shelters, orphanages, etc. 

4 – Volunteer 

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There are hundreds of places to volunteer in Birmingham. Not only is the experience very fulfilling, but it involves giving back and serving the community. Below are some great places to volunteer. It ‘s not a full list, but enough to get you started. 


  • Community Food Bank of Central Alabama
  • The Community Kitchens 


  • Mcwane Science Center
  • Children’s of Alabama 
  • The Bell Center 

5 – Neighbors

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It can be intimidating to befriend your neighbors, but the connection you will build with them is invaluable! Additionally, you never know if a fellow neighbor is in need of help and doesn’t have any resources. Be that resource, introduce yourself with a baked good and a gentle knock on the door. Let them know that if they need help, you’re there.

I recently helped an elderly neighbor organize a yard sale. Our conversations while organizing were very fulfilling. Getting to hear from a wiser and more experienced individual definitely opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on things. 

6 – Reviews 

This is definitely something I didn’t think about until I spoke with the owner of a local restaurant. Her struggles are struggles a lot of family and local businesses experience – business being slow and not having enough profit to increase visitation. You can help with that! Next time you eat at a local restaurant or shop, leave a positive review on a review app (Google, Yelp, Facebook). This simple action can do a lot for the owners! 

7 – Smile 

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The most simple, yet the most influential. Smiling at strangers builds a positive and uplifting vibe, bound to also make them smile! 


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