How to Overcome Post-Travel Blues

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It’s the end of the summer. Everyone is coming back from vacation. All you can say is you’re sad.

“Post-travel blues” is a term used to describe the sad feeling after returning from vacation. It can be hard to leave and return to reality and the old routine. You might be feeling unmotivated and miserable, but this article is here to help you. 

1. Cleaning Therapy 

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I swear by this. After traveling, your house is typically full of messes– clothes to unpack, dishes to clean, neglected dust. Clean space = clean mind. However, cleaning can be quite boring. Thus, put your earphones in and listen to music that reminds you of the place you traveled. Listen to music in the language spoken in the travel destination. This idea makes cleaning fun and gets you an organized house quicker! 

2. Go Out  

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Don’t stay in the house! Plan an outing with your friends, go eat at a restaurant, take a walk, go for a drive, watch a movie. There are so many things you can do. Getting out of the house changes the usual routine and gets your mind off of your previous travels. You can go do something fun and come back with a recovered mindset! 

3. Take a Rejuvenating Shower 

A shower after being in an airport is a great idea. Wash off all the germs and start fresh. Take your time and try something new like a body scrub or a hair mask. A shower makes everyone feel better! 

4. Call Relatives 

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If the trip was to see your family, give them a call. Just because you’re not physically in that place anymore doesn’t mean you aren’t there spiritually! Simply hearing their voice will immediately remind you of your home country and heal your soul. 

5. Plan the Upcoming Days 

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Don’t let the days slip away! Keep yourself busy by writing down what you’re going to do each day. Whether that be productive or fun, having a purpose for each day will ease you back into your return. 


That’s it! Hopefully, this list got you up off your couch and living life again! Remind yourself that you can always go again and that time will come. 

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