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    15 Exciting Musts to do For Summer 2022!

    1. Throw a backyard party with your family! — Decorate, make some yummy food, and enjoy some quality time!

    2. Spend a day in nature! – Go hiking, camping, surfing, swimming, lay in a hammock.

    3. Fly a kite on the beach! – A traditional summer activity, you must try!

    4. Explore a new city around you! – Take pictures, capture the moment, learn some new history.

    5. Try a new recipe! – Maybe even try with local ingredients, or only in season items.

    6. Go on a picnic with your friends! – Do a potluck and everyone bring something different.

    7. Do a charcuterie party! – All of your friends and you each make different platters, such as a breakfast platter, dessert platter etc.

    8. Watch the sunset and sunrise! – A beautiful classic, you should not miss out on.

    9. Stargaze, and look for some constellations! – A fun game to play who can find more 🙂

    10. Try a new fruit, vegetable, something you never wanted to try! – You may love it.

    11. Learn a new hobby you did not get to in the school year! – Knitting, a new language, a book, surfing, painting 🙂

    12. Make a bucket list for the next school year! – Research, find new things that you have never heard of.

    13. Do a movie marathon with your friends! – Have everyone put two movies in a bowl and choose as many as you want.

    14. Grow a plant, take care of an orchid! – See how big it can get, and how long you can make it last.

    15. Go to a concert, a water park, amusement park! – A fun activity to take up an entire day 🙂