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Festive Things To Do In December

Build a Snowman/Play in the Snow 

Playing in the snow is so much fun; it is a great way to get outside, spend time with your friends, get some fresh air, and make the most of the cold days.

Make a Gingerbread House

I love being creative and baking. So making a gingerbread house, whether from scratch or a set that you can buy to store it, is such a fun way to get competitive with your friends or family at home and have some competition.

Watch a Christmas Movie

I love Christmas movies, and I love watching all the classics. You could plan a movie marathon one day over the weekend or watch all the Christmas movies right before Christmas day. Cuddle up to your family and friends on the couch with some good snacks and a fire.

Decorate your House 

Right after Thanksgiving, my family loves to decorate our house for Christmas. This is such a fun way to spend time laughing with your family and getting in the holiday cheer by decorating your Christmas tree and decorating your bedroom and hanging up your stockings. You can even make fun Christmas ornaments at home with arts and crafts.

Go Free Shopping 

One of my favorite things to do during Christmas is tree shopping. I love picking out the biggest tree I can find and bringing it home, and getting it all set up is such a fun thing to do with your siblings and seeing who can find the best Christmas tree.

Do a Secret Santa 

Gather your friend group and organize a secret Santa, create a price limit and have a parent give out all the names so that no one knows who has each other. This is a fun way to make your friends smile and spend some extra time with them during the holidays.

Give Back to Those in Need 

This is something I do every single weekend but something that everybody should especially do during the holiday season. Gather your friends and family and a big group of people and spend some time giving back to those in need so we can all reflect on things that we are thankful for and grateful for each holiday season in our local communities. 


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