Tips For Goal Setting For a New Year!

Tips to New Years resolutions 

  1. Set an attainable goal – This means setting a goal that you were able to reach. This may mean setting smaller goals in order to reach a big goal.
  2. Set small goals – Setting small goal first is always a good option to get to the bigger goal, smaller goals usually mean more attainable deadlines and things that reaches to the bigger goal
  3. Ask for help! – Asking for help is our biggest way of moving forward when we do not know how to continue. I strongly encourage you to set new goals with family or friends that you know will be able to help you and guide you in times of need, especially utilize teachers from your school if you think this will help you!
  4. Choose something you really want to accomplish – Choosing something you really want to accomplish is extremely hard as a lot of the time we always have things that we are aiming to do. But choose the one that you have always wanted to do, and make this year the one for it.
  5. Brainstorming – If there are too many things you want accomplish create a list of them in the pros and cons to each and see which one outweighs the others.
  6. Set deadlines- Creating deadlines for smaller or larger goals helps to create a more attainable program and system that you were able to reach instead of it being extremely unrealistic and untimely
  7. Make a journal – Writing down your goals, the steps you have done to achieve them, obstacles, or even deadlines extremely beneficial way to understand your process of reaching goals and to adjust it in the future if you ever felt like it.
  8. Choose something fun – Always choose something that is fun, that is going to make you happier and a better person!


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