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More Serenity, Less Ennui

When most people imagine winter, boredom is the last thing on their mind. Believe me, those 2 weeks of Christmas break could stretch really long and leave you feeling bored, lazy, and regretful for not doing anything productive.

Worse, if you’re like me and don’t celebrate any winter holidays, you might feel excluded from the festivities and extra bored. Here are some underrated, inclusive, activities to starve out the winter blues.

Appreciating the Trees

Trees have it rough during the winter. They lose their leaves, face the cold, and worst of all, get chopped down to be used as decorations! Instead of killing trees, go outside and admire them. The contrast of dark branches against a gray winter sky is elegant and satisfying. While the wind nips at your cheeks and cardinals sing, you will feel refreshed and energized after a walk in the woods.

Visiting Colleges

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t get stressed. We’re not visiting the college for educational purposes, but because colleges are basically parks with buildings. Especially if you haven’t been there before, the campus will be a refreshing change of scenery if you’ve exhausted all the local attractions. Run across the quad, take pictures of interesting buildings, and learn a bit about their history. Who knows? You might end up applying there!

Indoor Sports

While you’re at the college, consider visiting their gym. Most colleges have really nice sports facilities like indoor tracks or pools or even tennis courts! Pick up a new sport like squash or badminton so you can exercise when it’s too cold outside. You can get serious and hone your techniques over the break, or simply play with your friends for fun.

Watching Youtube

The crazy thing is, attention span rates have decreased so much that it’s sometimes hard to even finish a complete Youtube video! Instead of scrolling through Shorts, find something that interests you and watch it all the way through. Youtube can teach you how to deeply analyze your favorite movie, paint realistic pictures, or even make a website! You’ll feel proud after learning and doing what you’ve been putting off.


Yes, you read that right! While midterms may be over, finals and AP tests will be here before you know it. Review topics that have slipped from your brain or get a headstart on really tricky ones. Even if you’re not a junior or a senior, you might want to start thinking about standardized tests like the ACT and prepare for them when you have time. If you’re feeling distracted because your friends are partying, turn off that Instagram think about how smart you’ll seem when you get good grades!


Donate some of your time and effort to help others. Many charities and organizations host events in the winter. Find one you’re interested in and contact one of their members to let you in. You’ll befriend fellow volunteers and make change in the community.

Hopefully, you found something interesting on the list and feel ready to power through winter. Good luck on midterms and have a happy break!


And while you’re at it, check out Girl Spring contributor Anna’s article on how to fight procrastination during winter break!

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