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How to Find your Style

Being in the generation and world we currently live in, it can be hard to find your own style sometimes. It can be super easy to get lost in what’s currently trending, or who is wearing what. And although you can look at places such as Pinterest for ideas, sometimes you just need a bit more help than that. So, if you are someone who is hoping to upgrade your style for the new year, then this is the perfect article for you.

Here are some things you can do to find your unique style:

Look for Inspiration

Sometimes it can be tricky for knowing where to start. That’s where it is a good idea to look for some inspiration. This can be by looking at influencer’s outfits, pinterest, magazines, etc. There are endless places you can look to for inspiration.

And if you know you’ll want a more high-end style, maybe check what the newest celebrities are wearing. If you are going for more street wear, maybe check out some teenage or young adult influencers across social media. Having a bit of an idea of what you are looking for is going to help of knowing who to look at.

Gather the Basics

Starting out with basics will provide you a base for any outfit you would be wanting to create. You can get some really affordable basics at places like Target or Walmart. However, if you are hoping to invest into some longer lasting pieces, there are other options.

Some places could be Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Brandy Melville, etc. But just getting some easy basics such as plain tank tops, a couple of jeans, maybe some zip up hoodies, will help you to layer for outfits.

Look at What you Already Have

Using pieces that are already in your closet will help you to save some money. Such as if you already have some basics or pieces you can use for laying with newer pieces. Or if you have accessories you can use to elevate your outfits like jewelry, bags, belts, hats.

Create Unique Pieces

If you just can’t find what you are looking for, maybe you can create it. You can make this as complex or simple as you’d like. Such as you could follow sewing patterns and create whole new items. Or you can just upcycle some other pieces by cropping them, adding patches, etc. Pinterest has great ideas of some cute things you can do to transform some dull and simple items.

Experiment with New Looks

Creating new outfits or combining different things together can make for some fun looks. For example, if you typically dress girly and wear dresses, maybe add a leather jacket on top and go from there. Another easy way to incorporate this idea is by using different makeup and hair looks.

You could try out colored eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. And for hair you can use accessories such as claw clips, bows which are trending, or just do different styles. Don’t forget that a big part of fashion is having fun with it. You should leave the house liking your outfit and feeling comfortable in it always.


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