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    Transitional Outfits for Unpredictable Weather

    Transitional Wardrobe Outfits

    Thanks to our guest blogger, Olivia! Olivia can be found at @liv.cassandra on Instagram or check out her personal blog at

    Much like the difficult transition from tween to teen, transitioning my wardrobe between Winter and Spring can be really, really hard! Since this time of the year the weather swings like my mood, I have to make sure each outfit is practical for Spring’s fluctuating temperatures. Unfortunately, stores sell what is in season. This creates a challenge for consumers when the weather is between seasons.

    transitional outfits for unpredictable weather

    That being said, there are still many transitional pieces that work, so you can enjoy your day without being too hot or too cold.

    During the months leading up to Spring, I find myself reaching for pieces that expose either my legs or my arms, but not both. With this rule, it’s easy to stay cool, but not too cool. I’ve been loving this sweatshirt dress, which is a heavier material, compensating for the lack of coverage on my legs.  I paired my floral Doc Martens with it, which added quite a bit of interest, given the fact that the dress is fairly simple.

    During Winter, people tend to layer up as much as possible, so when the days start to warm up a bit, just “layer down”!  For my next outfit, I chose two layers, which were made of fairly thin materials. Although my top layer is adorable, it’s more of a Summer top.  So, instead of just throwing on a jacket, I decided to layer a simple black turtleneck underneath. Not only is this a huge trend, but it also kept me warm!  For my pants, I picked out a simple pair of jeans, because my top was pretty extravagant already.

    Too often, girls assume that the only type of jeans they can wear are skinny jeans. Society perpetuates a stereotype that any other pant isn’t feminine enough. But, that’s just not true.

    As shown in the picture, I am wearing girlfriend jeans, which are still form-fitting but loose enough to keep me cool. Wearing jeans that aren’t skin tight will keep you a lot cooler!

    At the end of the day, figuring out the look that works for you can be really hard – not just because it’s tricky to find the right clothes during transitional seasons. Therefore, the ultimate tip I can give is to wear what you want. Don’t let other people’s opinions influence who you want to be. I know this because for far too long, I didn’t wear what I wanted. So, don’t be afraid to take chances, you never know what could happen.


    Olivia from Some Place in the Middle



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    Hearts beating,
    Faster and faster each time.
    Sweaty hands,
    Bodies shaking,
    Can’t feel anything.
    But the safety of your hug,
    My heart skips a beat.
    As your eyes glisten
    Into mine
    Made for each other,
    but not forever.
    That’s love.


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    How Should You Spend Valentine’s Day

    Girlspring valentines day

    How should you spend Valentine’s day?

    How You Should Spend Your Valentine’s Day

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    Galentine’s Day

    Galentine's Day

    Galentine’s Day

    For anyone who watched Parks & Rec, you know about Galentine’s Day. It is easily one of my favorite fake-tv-show holidays. In the words of Leslie Knope, “It’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.” I am all about Gals supporting Gals, no matter relationship status.

    It is super easy to plan a Galentine’s day party. Here are a few tips to crush your celebration this year!

    When to celebrate?

    February 13th. It’s close enough to Valentine’s Day, but not the day of so all your friends, single or in relationships, can celebrate. Also, that’s the day from the show so its cannon.

    Pick a theme.

    All good parties have a theme. Try to think of something that you and your friends like and pick that. Leslie has her Galentine’s Day party at the breakfast place. My theme this year is rose gold/pink. Maybe its famous women in history and everyone dresses up as their favorite woman. Anything you want!

    Also, my general theme is “the gals,” so I put together a playlist of songs that are all sung by women and generally pro-female. I made it collaborative on Spotify so your guests can add suggestions!

    Choose Activities.

    This goes hand in hand with your theme. My party has a pink photo booth, and we will have options to do your nails or decorate a cupcake. You could easily get materials for DIY crafts, or watch a movie! My philosophy on party activities is that they should be there as an option but not mandatory. Let your guests guide what happens in the party. Go with the flow. I don’t think many people will do their nails at my party, but it’s there as an option.

    An important activity is snacking! At least to me (hahaha). Make sure you crush the snacks. Either have everyone bring something or have people pitch in some dollars. You want to make sure that you have an awesome spread.

    Have fun!

    This is the last thing and the more important thing. Have fun! It’s a get together for ladies celebrating ladies. So don’t over think it and have fun!

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    This Teen Star Developed an App for Google!

    Palette, this teen star developed an app for google

    This Teen Star Developed an App for Google!


    Lauren Choi, a senior at Spain Park High School won a Google challenge and spent her summer at Google headquarters in California.

    When she was there, Lauren developed an app! Her app, Palette, is available for purchase on the Google Play Store.

    Support girls in gaming and check it out here!

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    Springboarder’s Holiday Volunteer Day

    Girlspring volunteer day

    The Holiday season is upon us, and it is the season of giving. How are you showing the holiday spirit this December? Girlspring recently had our Springboarder’s Holiday Volunteer Day.

    Here at Girlspring, we don’t just get empowered we gift empowered! Last weekend our Springboarders volunteered their time to make gifts bags. The gifts bags are for incoming abused children at Birmingham’s Children Hospital. The girls found it fulfilling to work together to help others. We appreciate all their work!

    Take some time this December to think about how you help others. Do you donate your time and skills to underserved communities? Do you want to? At girlspring, volunteerism is extremely important to us. If you want to learn how you can help others, sign up to be a part of a Girlspring chapter! You can learn more here.