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    Get Your Glow On

    GLOW is the brainchild of Yazmin Cavale! Just in time for graduation season (or prom, or holiday or anytime you need to look good!). In this video, girl boss Yazmin tells us all about this service that comes to YOU when you need it!

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    Are you Getting Enough Sleep?

    Are you getting enough sleep?

    Most Teens Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep – Here’s Why

    Did you know that teens need more sleep than children and adults? Research has found that adolescents need 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is crucial to our health, which is why getting enough z’s should be part of every teen girl’s self-care routine. But most teens get only 6.5 to 7.5 hours of sleep each night. Some get even less.

    Because teens are at a critical phase of their development, they need more sleep than adults. And with teens’ busy schedules and social lives, getting sufficient sleep often gets bumped down to the bottom of teens’ to-do lists. But the decisions we make as teens can have serious long-term repercussions. The sleep patterns you form in your teen years continue until adulthood. The longer you wait to fix your sleep habits, the harder it is for your body to recover.

    Is Your Room Conducive To Sleep?

    Teen sleep problems can be caused by a number of things. Sometimes, it’s a matter of changing your sleep conditions. You should treat your bedroom as a place to relax. If you associate your room with chaos and clutter, getting your brain to unwind at the end of the day can take longer than it should. A dark, quiet, and cool room is ideal. A selection of mattress reviews suggest that if you often wake up feeling tired and stiff, then your body isn’t being supported adequately, so it might be a good idea to invest in a new mattress.

    You can also use aromatherapy to help you calm down. Smells like lavender, vanilla, and chamomile can help you relax. Making aromatherapy part of your self-care routine also makes your brain associate certain smells with bedtime, making it easier to fall asleep over time.

    Having a noisy room can also affect our sleep quality. But many times, noises aren’t within our control — for instance, you could have noisy neighbors or a busy road right outside your window. Try downloading a white noise app that will produce soothing sounds to drown out the other sounds and help you relax.

    Make a commitment to yourself to get enough sleep. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it, even on weekends. This lets your body settle into a pattern and make it easier for you to fall asleep. When it’s close to bedtime, do relaxing activities like reading and journaling to help you slow down. Avoid watching TV or scrolling through your phone, and try not to leave your homework until late at night so you give your brain time to cool down before bedtime.

    Why Your Body Needs Sleep

    Today’s society places huge importance on being busy, with some thought leaders even going as far as lauding sleep deprivation as a virtue. It’s easy to see why many fall into this trap — when you want to get as many things done in a day, sleep may seem like a waste of time. But sleep is anything but unproductive.

    Sleep is crucial for your brain and body’s health. Sufficient sleep allows you to do more with your day, while not getting enough sleep can have serious effects on your mental and physical health. Sleep deprivation can lead to depression, which can lead to more sleep problems. It can take a toll on your relationships, as sleeplessness can make you irritable and aggressive. Sleeplessness can hurt your performance at school, as it limits your ability to concentrate and retain information. It can also affect your appearance, causing acne and skin problems. And skipping sleep can also be fatal, especially if you’re driving drowsy.

    After making it a point to get enough sleep, you can look out for your friends as well by encouraging them to sleep more. If you still have trouble sleeping even after trying different techniques, consult your doctor or a sleep clinic. Don’t lose hope! With some help, it won’t be long before you start feeling the positive effects of a good night’s rest.

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    A Mother’s Day Collaborative

    Mother's Day

    In preparation for Mother’s Day, we asked members of GirlSpring’s Springboarders teen leadership group to write about their mothers through some writing prompts. We were pretty impressed with the answers and we want to meet these moms because they sound pretty awesome! 

    My mom is special because…

    My mom is special because she does not talk to a lot of people, but everyone likes her. She doesn’t eat the most, but she’s addicted to coffee. She doesn’t say a lot, but she make me laugh. She doesn’t always get the jokes I tell, but she smiles anyway. She doesn’t like the songs I listen to, but she plays them anyway. My mom is special because she tries to do everything. Alex’ah Boone

    My mom is special because she is very smart and always willing to learn. My mom can easily pick up on a skill and I admire that about her. Although she can’t help me with my algebra and French, she knows so much about the world and facts about things that shock me to this day. Liana Mozee

    Even though all moms are special, I think that my mom is extra special (I might be a little biased). She’s truly one of the smartest, strongest, and most patient people I know. I’ll admit that at times, I can be a lot to deal with. I’m moody and indecisive and extremely messy. Yet, on top of all her other responsibilities, my mom is always there when I need her. How she does it is beyond me. My mom really is the person I can rely on most in my life. Rachel Reese

    I think my mom is special because she is very loving and caring about letting me and my sisters express ourselves freely. Although, she is very religious she still loves me no different than my sisters and treats us the same. With it being three teenagers in one house with completely different personalities, she still shows us the same amount of discipline, care, love and of course support. She pushes us to be ourselves and follow our dreams and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Brittney Hawkins

    My mother would rather have a _______ than flowers and chocolate 

    My mother would rather have a soundproof bedroom,than flowers an chocolate.That is because my mom loves her family so much,that she allows the children to share their loud ideas instead of shutting down their creativity. She wants the room, to be soundproof because she likes her peace and quiet when she’s thinking about the ones she gave birth to. Instead I will give her something else because despite all the screaming children, she loves when we make her laugh. Alex’ah Boone

    My mom would rather have art than flowers and chocolate because, as an artist herself, she deeply appreciates the beauty and meaning behind art, as well as the care put into making it. She loves to look at art in art museums and galleries, so art would be a great gift for her. Chloe Bloodworth

    If I were a mom for a day

    If I were mom for a day, besides telling everyone what to do, I would cook my favorite dinner, which is breakfast. I would cook enough for a football team just because I can. After I do all the cooking, I will make my children clean it all up. I would then start a how to be a cool mom instagram page. Alex’ah Boone

    If I were mom for a day: I’d do everything the same (or try to). I would love my kids unconditionally and nonstop, I would care for all their needs and wants, and I would make sure they live a life where they will love all and themselves as much I’ll love them (but of course I’ll be 5x worse, because my moms definitely a pro at this). Liana Mozee

    The best advice my mom ever gave me is…

    The best advice my mom has given me is to have love and respect for myself. She constantly reminds me of this and always has which has shaped me to the girl I am today. When I was younger I didn’t really understand the meaning behind it but now and the more I learn and grow I do. This one thing will forever be with me and it is the best advice she has ever given me. Brittney Hawkins

    Although it might sound cliche, the best advice that my mother has given me would be to believe in myself. Even though my mom has always been there to advocate for me when others might think I’m a lost cause, she’s also quick to remind me that she won’t always be around to defend me. She often says that if I believe in myself, everyone else will too (and if they don’t, it’s their loss). My mom constantly encourages to be confident in myself and chase my dreams. Rachel Reese

    If I could make a meal for my mom…

    If I were to make a special Mother’s Day dinner, I would make scallops and crab cakes. My mom adores seafood! For dessert, I would make lemon vanilla ice cream and I would giver her black licorice as an extra treat. Chloe Bloodworth

    If I could plan what to do for Mother’s Day with unlimited budget…

    If I had the money, I would take my mom to Paris for a Mother’s Day week trip. She loves the city and has said she could’ve stayed in Paris for weeks. I would take her to eat chocolate mousse and see many art museums. Chloe Bloodworth

    Write a poem about your mom…

    My mom controls my life like no other
    Only she does it with love and care 
    The way she make sure I’m okay at school and home
    Her calm voice when she disagrees with something dumb I did 
    Everything she does makes me better, and it’s clear to see 
    Ruling has never been so amazing for me

    Liana Mozee

    What’s the most poignant memory you have of your mom

    My mom has always been a super fun and outgoing person. Nothing fazes her and she’s always willing to put herself out there even in situations where others would be uncomfortable. I remember in fourth grade, going to carol at a retirement home during Christmas with my Girl Scout troop. All of us were really nervous and hesitant to sing. When it seemed as though all hope for a successful performance was lost, my mother swooped in and saved the day. She started to sing and, soon enough, everyone joined her (even the audience). By the end of the performance, I felt like my mom was a superhero. She really saved the day! Rachel Reese

    What is a life changing moment you’ve had with your mom?

    One of the most life turning moments with my mom was when I was placed and released from the hospital. Me being placed in the hospital was a big turning point in both of our lives, and when I got out we both just put everything on the table and even though it was a tough situation to deal with it weirdly brought us closer. Ever since then I’ve felt like I could tell her mostly any and everything. She has the biggest role in my life and I don’t know what I would do without her.  Brittney Hawkins

    Readers — how would you answer these questions? If you haven’t gotten your mom a gift yet, what about writing these out with your own answers and framing it? What a great gift! Need other gift ideas?

    Check out

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    Hello Plants, Goodbye Mosquitoes!

    No Mosquitoes

    These Plants will Save you from Pesty Mosquitoes This Summer!

    This post is shared from POPSUGAR

    By Haley Lyndes

    We all love the summertime, but unfortunately, bugs do, too. If you’re someone who gets swarmed by mosquitoes whenever you walk out the door and have tried everything — citronella candles, bug spray, mosquito swatters, and my personal favorite, insect zappers — then you certainly know that these buzzing nighthawks are no small task to handle.

    However, if you’re itching to enjoy a good BBQ without being bit by a million little critters, then we have a solution: plants.

    Yes, it’s true. On top of plants’ amazing air-purifying properties and ability to look absolutely stylish both inside and outdoors, they too can help fight off those relentless mosquitoes. So, if you’re ready to entertain without swatting for your life, here are 13 mosquito-repelling plants you’ll want to get your hands on.

    No Mosquitoes
    Read the original article here

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    13-Year-Old Songtress, Cloe Wilder

    cloe wilder

    Introducing Cloe Wilder

    The 13-Year-Old Up and Coming Pop Star

    Dark/Pop’s newest powerhouse, Cloe Wilder, is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with incredibly powerful songwriting skills, in addition to a voice beyond her years, 13-year-old songstress Cloe crafts melancholic, yet fiercely relatable songs that touch the deepest parts of the human psyche.

    Championing the concept of accepting one’s mental health issues and embracing imperfection, she is light years beyond the typical young musician, set to become a revolution in her time, starting with her flawless debut single, “Overthinking”.

    In discussing her debut single, Cloe states: “I’m glad that this is my first single because it’s a pretty accurate representation of me”.

    Stream and Download “Overthinking” HERE
    Learn More about Cloe through her Socials!

    Cloe Wilder Official Website

    Cloe’s Facebook

    Cloe’s Twitter

    Cloe’s Instagram


    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    mother's day gift guide

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    A Guide to help you choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift

    Hey, Beautiful! With Mother’s Day around the corner, I figured you guys could use a little help with gift ideas. Nothing like the stress of waiting until the last minute to find the right gift. This guide also includes many items tailored to fit our small budgets but yet still have a whole lot of heart! I also went the extra distance to discuss this list with the best mom ever, my mom, Hallie (pictured with me at the beach) and she approved, so I’m sure your mom will love these ideas, too!

    mother's day gift guide

    Now all you have to do is pick something out, purchase, and give to the person who is closest to your heart (and I don’t mean your boyfriend), your mother!

    1) A family photo book that can hold all those sentimental memories of the last year in one place. Your mother will love this and will brag about it all over Facebook. Her caption will be “look how cute my children are, they made me THIS photo book.” You can purchase one on your apple photos app > file > create > book. Prices range from $9.99 to $39.99

    2) A quick pick-me-up to relive all motherly stress at Blissful Foot Spa (a local Cleveland fav). Make an appointment and let her pamper herself with a full menu of massage options and various other reflexology and acupressure treatments. If you are not a local Clevelander, look for a similar type service in your area. Cost ranges from $40 to $90 depending on the exact service.

    3) A Beach House Candle can impress any guest and sets the right mood heading into summer and can be found at Bluemercury. You can never go wrong with something that would remind mom to surf the waves of life and remind her of the relaxing times at the beach during last family vacation. $65

    4) Roberta Roller Rabbit sleepwear looks great and is super comfy.  This item may be a little expensive, but if you have a couple of siblings, this could be something you could share the cost of.  My mom, Hallie, loves Roberta PJs and suggests other moms try the terry bathrobes too, she said “it’s like wrapping myself in a cozy blanket,” perfect after a hot shower or steamy bath. $95

    5) An eye-catching, monogrammed keychain that won’t break the bank and will have mom thinking of you every time she reaches for her keys. My Sister’s Spangle makes these stylish (Louis Vuitton inspired) keychains ($25). Check them out here and Direct Message them on Instagram to order.

    6) Check out Sew Cute So Stacy, where you can find fun and unique personalized gifts for your mom, for mother’s day, and even something cute for yourself!

    Even though all of Stacy’s stuff is very fun, some of my favorites for mother’s day are the monogrammed robe, the swell bottle (that you can have decorated with cute sayings), and the monogram Longchamp-inspired makeup bag.

    The Swell Bottle can be monogrammed with your mother’s initials or fun quote (i.e. MOM A TITLE JUST ABOVE QUEEN). It is also insulated so this would make a great gift if your mom is one of those moms who is always making sure to drink her 10 glasses of water a day or the kind of mom that wants to make sure she is caffeinated all day long. Ranges from $7-14.

    The monogrammed robe comes in a cotton waffle design for $40 or terry velour for $45. I think I might need one of these for myself, while I’m at it, shhh…don’t tell my mom! The Longchamp-inspired makeup bag is another great go-to present. These are so cute and would be perfect for makeup or other travel essentials.

    These would also make the best pencil bag to throw into my backpack…but I know, it not about us right now…we need to stay focused on mom. $20

    7) Bodum French Press and a bag of Rising Star coffee – the perfect combo to help her get out of bed, wake her up, and support her throughout the day. Who knows who/what she will love more – YOU (for giving this to her) or the coffee! $30 for 12 ounce press. Add a bag of Rising Star coffee ( $14) that you can find at their store or at Heinens. Don’t forget to have the coffee ground unless you have a grinder at home.

    8) A Bathtub caddy so she can read her book and maybe drink some wine in the bathtub, from Bed Bath and Beyond. Luxurious sounding, right? This will help momma spend more time in the bath, and less time checking up on you… shhh! $40

    9) A Mini herb garden made up of a small pot of thyme, a small pot of basil, and a small pot of rosemary. She will love this original idea if she is the cook in the family because she will have fresh herbs at her fingertips all summer long. If you get make this, she will really understand that you know her well. Here is a link to how to plant the herbs in the pots You can buy the herbs, pots and soil at your local garden store.

    10) A gift card to the Power Room, the #1 place that helps my mom look the ways she does :). She can use this to buy makeup brands you can’t find anywhere else in Cleveland or book a relaxing facial, brow sculpting, or even a private makeup lesson. My mom also says that Kelly at The Powder Room does the BEST spray tans. We always make fun of her for getting these, but it’s much safer than tanning for hours at the beach and it looks great. You can pick up the gift card at Kelly’s store at Eton Collection, in Cleveland. 

    Mother’s Day is May 13, so you better grab your siblings and go shopping for a gift soon!

    If you have any further questions about any of the gifts, you can email me [email protected]. Most of these places can wrap these gifts for you, so don’t forget to ask while you are there. Also, make sure you get a card for your mom (moms love cards)!  If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “oh shoot, how am I going to get this gift, all my siblings are younger than me and I don’t drive yet?” Just ask your dad (or your aunt or your grandma) to take you. Also, some of these gifts can be ordered online so that route may be an option. Wow..that didn’t seem too hard, did it?! See you next month, ladies!

    mother's day gift guide
    Want to shop the grid? Checkie here!
    1. Photobook from Apple// $9.99 to $39.99
    2. Massage from Blissful Foot Spa// $40-90 depending on service
    3. Beach House scented candle from Bluemercury// $65
    4. Pj set from Roberta Roller Rabbit// $95
    5. Keychains from My Sister Spangle// $25
    6. Makeup bag from Sew Cute So Stacy// $20
    7. Bodum French Press// $30
    8. Bathtub Caddy// $40
    9. Mini herb garden from your local grocery store// price will vary from place to place
    10. Monogram robe from Sew Cute So Stacy// $40-45
    11. Personalized Swell Bottle from Sew Cute So Stacy// $7-$14
    12. The Power Room at Eton// $ depending on service

    Thanks to guest blogger Charlotte Wasserman of for letting us repost this!

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    A Beginner’s Guide to a Self-Care Routine

    Blogger Believe

    By: Bielle V.   

    Hey there readers! My name is Bielle and I’m a teen lifestyle blogger currently trying to manage her way through high school!

    For the past few years, I’ve dealt with my own mental health and emotional health struggles. I’ve been dedicated to taking care of myself in a positive way, which is what made me realize the importance of self-care. Self-Care is something that is so important for everyone. Taking care of myself helps me understand and appreciate myself more as well as those around me. It is my journey of self-care that has encouraged me on the journey to loving myself.

    At first, I found it difficult to incorporate self-care habits into my daily routine. Now, I have weekly Self-care Sunday’s! In this post, I will be sharing with you my Self-Care Routine and how to build your own!

    As mentioned before, my self-care day is Sunday. Sunday is a day where I can relax and prepare for the upcoming week. My no-stress day. Here is what a typical Self-care Sunday looks like for me:

    • Drink water as soon as I wake up

    This one is super important and I’ve started doing it daily! Tip: Drinking water as soon as you wake up really gives you the energy you need!

    • Have a hearty & healthy breakfast
    • Do a face mask

    Tip: If you want to be adventurous, you could try making one of your own using eggs, honey, & sugar!

    • Taking a nice shower (Blast those tunes!)

    Personally, I am trying to be very aware of my environmental impact so I make sure to take short showers during the week and leave longer ones for Sunday! Tip: Hot showers are very soothing if you are feeling anxious!

    • Clean your space (make the bed, straighten up your desk, tidy your closet, open those curtains, etc.)
    • Paint your nails or cut & file them

    For some reason, painted nails really make me feel happy, so I really enjoy this step!

    • Organize outfits for the week

    Since I attend a school that requires a uniform, for this part I just try to decide what hairstyles and jewelry I want to wear for the week.

    • Do your weekend homework & try to get ahead in your most important classes if you can!

    Tip: I always try to start studying for my hardest classes 2 days in advance! This almost always requires weekend studying but if you plan out your time, you can make sure it doesn’t conflict with your much needed free time!

    • Exercise & Yoga

    I usually do this during the evening. My exercise routine includes yoga poses that help build my upper body strength and leg stretches! These typically last around 10-15 mins! Occasionally I will do an upbeat dance routine that I find on YouTube! My yoga routine is just the Full Sun Salutation done three times.

    • Meditate

    I love meditating so much! Meditation grounds me and helps me be in the present. I typically try to meditate every Tuesday & Thursday night before bed because it helps me fall asleep easier.

    • Read a book

    I love reading, but I often find myself unable to indulge in the hobby during the week. Reading right before bed is so calming and really boosts my creativity.

    • Go to bed early

    I cannot stress enough how important it is for teenagers to get a healthy amount of sleep! The right amount of sleep can change your life!

    So that’s my Sunday Self-Care Routine! While binge watching Netflix and snacking like no tomorrow are also part of my weekend plans, I try to make sure they don’t get in the way of my self-care time. Some weeks I’m able to complete all of these tasks, and others time, I struggle. The point is that in life, sometimes we find ourselves struggling with finding the time to truly appreciate ourselves. Self-Care can help you build the bridge to loving yourself, at least that’s what it’s done for me!

    Building your own routine is easy! You can designate a certain day just for your routine or you can try to spread out your self-care practices throughout the week. To make the most out of my time, I always plan backwards from when I want to go to sleep. The website really helped me organize my sleep schedule and my whole daily routine in general!

    Self-care consists of a bunch of different things! If you want to focus more on your mental health, I would recommend crafting a routine including meditation, journaling, self-help books, & podcasts! If you want to focus more on being healthier, I would try to include healthier eating options in your routine as well as some exercising or stretching! If you really just want a Self-Care routine that boosts your happiness, try setting a day to do things you enjoy and spending some time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Some other helpful self-care ideas include: Drinking tea, making plans with your friends, making a vision board, immersing yourself in nature, listening to music, doing an artistic activity, learning about or trying something new, and taking a phone break!

    Overall, what you do for your self-care practices are  completely up to you!

    Remember: Self-care helps to self-love, and loving yourself is a beautiful thing!

    Hope you all enjoyed this post! For more of my content, you can check me out on my blog, How To Live Your Life! You can also follow me on Instagram @bloggerbiellev & on Pinterest @biellev. For more self-care advice, check out my Self-Care Pinterest Board!