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    This Teen Star Developed an App for Google!

    Palette, this teen star developed an app for google

    This Teen Star Developed an App for Google!


    Lauren Choi, a senior at Spain Park High School won a Google challenge and spent her summer at Google headquarters in California.

    When she was there, Lauren developed an app! Her app, Palette, is available for purchase on the Google Play Store.

    Support girls in gaming and check it out here!

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    Springboarder’s Holiday Volunteer Day

    Girlspring volunteer day

    The Holiday season is upon us, and it is the season of giving. How are you showing the holiday spirit this December? Girlspring recently had our Springboarder’s Holiday Volunteer Day.

    Here at Girlspring, we don’t just get empowered we gift empowered! Last weekend our Springboarders volunteered their time to make gifts bags. The gifts bags are for incoming abused children at Birmingham’s Children Hospital. The girls found it fulfilling to work together to help others. We appreciate all their work!

    Take some time this December to think about how you help others. Do you donate your time and skills to underserved communities? Do you want to? At girlspring, volunteerism is extremely important to us. If you want to learn how you can help others, sign up to be a part of a Girlspring chapter! You can learn more here.

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    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix

    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review

    Read below for GirlSpring’s Review of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

    I don’t know about you, but during most of Christmas break, you can find me binge-watching shows on Netflix. For me, it’s super relaxing and nice to take time for myself and chill out. Often I switch between a good book and a tv show. Rewatching my favorites is always great, Parks and Rec, The Office, and Criminal Minds are my go-to’s. However, I love finding a new show to dive into.


    My new Netflix obsession is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s based on the comic strip and is in the same universe as Riverdale. It’s a very different take than the older version, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. CAOS is a darker more modern take on the story, with some of the same characters, Sabrina, the Aunts, and Salem the cat. I like this version because Sabrina’s character is extremely independent and self-confident young women. This show is equal parts fun and serious with important female empowerment messages.


    The story is about Sabrina, turning sixteen, which for witches is the birthday they must decide if they want to commit to being a witch. Without giving too much away, Sabrina is living in the two worlds (with and human) and must decide between the two. Throughout Season one you see both worlds and how they interact or don’t. The other characters in the story are compelling as well. I am interested to see how side stories are developed as the show progresses.  


    Season one premiered in early November, and they already have an air date for Season two (Mid-April). HOWEVER, they just released a holiday special! So there is a bounce episode between season one and two. It’s about the Winter Solstice/Christmas. I am beyond excited to watch it this weekend! Check it out here!


    Have you seen the series? Comment your thought below! Want to review a show yourself? Go to and submit an article! We’d love to hear from you!

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    Monday Motivational Music: “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce

    Monday Motivational Music

    Another Monday, another motivational music post. This week, we are featuring the iconic, Beyonce. Specifically, her song “Run the World (Girls).” This song, honestly, is beyond iconic. It is truly a female power anthem. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it and not sung along. Beyond belts out inspiring and empowering lyrics, with a simple message, that girls run the world. Truer words have never been sung.

    My favorite lyrics from the song are:

    I wrote my 9 to 5
    Gotta cop my cheque
    This goes out to all
    The women getting it in

    Beyonce sings about being confident, working hard, and being independent.

    Do you have a song that gets you through your Monday? Submit a suggestion and get on our site! Go to or DM us on Instagram @girlspringpower.

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    Holiday Makeup Ideas for Every Eye Color

    For those of you who are looking for some makeup ins(ta)piration this fall and winter season we got you. Glamour, chic, glitter, glimmer, bold, bright we’ve got ideas that can work for anyone or hopefully inspire a unique creation of your own!

    Brown Eyes

    Coppers, golds, cobalts, pale blues, lilacs and deep purples like eggplant are great seasonal colors for brown-eyed beauties.

    Our go-to brown eye pallet:  Click Here

    Fall Look:

    Winter Look:

    Blue Eyes

    Coppers, grays, browns, oranges, rusts, purples, smoky pinks and turquoise/blue liners all complement a striking blue eye.

    Our go to blue-eyed pallet: Click Here

    Fall Look:

    Winter Look:


    Green Eyes

    Warm taupes, brown liners, any shade of purple, dark emerald greens, coppers, terracottas and heather grays are fabulous on our green-eyed goddesses.

    Our go to green eye pallet: Click Here

    Fall Look

    Winter Look:

    Hazel Eyes

    Nudes, warm neutrals, burgundy, soft browns…pretty much anything that makes you feel warm and cozy inside is perfect for bewitching hazel eyes.

    Our go to Hazel eye pallet: Click Here

    Fall Look:

    Winter Look:

    For those of you who want to go all out. I mean showoff some real holiday magic we also got you.

    Just some glitter sprinkle to brighten your day.

    For that Winter themed party.



    Do you know if your makeup is cruelty-free? Read here about why it’s an important thing to consider, and get a list of cruelty-free brands.



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    Monday Motivational Music: “Perfect To Me” by Anne Marie

    Perfect to Me by Anne Marie

    Another week of Monday Motivational Music! The song of the week is “Perfect To Me” by Anne Marie.

    Anne Marie has some great songs, “2002” and “FRIENDS” are two of my other favorites. This song, however, has so much positivity and self-empowerment in the lyrics, it’s my perfect Monday motivation. The song is about accepting herself and not trying to be anything for anyone else. She sings about doing what she wants and not letting the judgment of others get in the way of her own happiness. Everyone can learn a little bit from this song.

    My favorite lyrics are:

    Remember if you wanna, you can go home
    You can say that enough is enough, ah
    Alright, this is your time
    Time for your life to be yours

    It is an important message to hold close.

    Do you have a song that motivates you? If you do go to or DM us on Instagram @girlspringpower. Then you’ll be featured on our weekly post!


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    Monday Motivational Music: Heart of Mine by Wayfarers

    Welcome back to Monday Motivational Music! GirlSpring’s weekly blog that features a song that empowers and inspires us. This week our song is “Heart of Mine” by Wayfarers

    “Heart of Mine,” is not only a song that is a catchy jam, but it is also a song that preaches self-confidence. The theme of the song is being brave and personal growth, which is perfect for Monday motivation.

    My favorite lines from the song are:
    Yeah, today I’m braver than I ever have been
    I’m standing little taller than I stood back then.

    Definitely check this song out and add it to your rotation!

    Do you have a song that inspires you? Go to to submit your own or DM us on Instagram, @girlspringpower.