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My thoughts on the “Granola Girl” aesthetic

Cottage core, skater girl, emo. Cores, aesthetics, vibes; chances are if you are on social media, you have encountered at least one of these terms. Similar to the enneagram faze, the internet seems to have each and every person figured out, assigning certain traits, style and personality to an overall “aesthetic”. Since seeing these videos, I have felt entranced by a particular one: The “Granola Girl” aesthetic. 

What does it mean to be Granola?

“Granola” a label floating around since the Tumblr days, is used to describe the typical free spirited, nature-loving people we know. In an effort to encourage sustainability, many people labeled as “Granola” wear whatever could be the opposite of fast fashion. Colorful wool sweaters, earth-colored hefty pants. I fell in love with the priority of comfort and color that shines in each of the Pinterest Granola posts I see and could even see this style in my own closet. I was happy to see myself as part of this lifestyle because I believed that the “aesthetic” went a little deeper than what they wear. 

Besides taking care of the planet with their fashion choices, Granola girls are known for seeking and protecting the beauty in our environment. They carry their reusable water bottles everywhere. They have a garden in their backyard.

To any reader older than 30, this may sound a little familiar.

Hippies, those part of the counterculture movement in the 70s, held a similar style, pursuing sustainability, but most importantly peace and a stop to the war. They strayed from the mainstream culture, and condemned the materialism that had consumed the US.

As modern hippies, the Granola girls stray from the typical priorities of our generation too. Though their trips are well documented through digital or disposable cameras, many Granola people preach a lessening of dependence on unhealthy screen time. To them, life is all about living in the present and finding beauty within themselves instead of in comparison to others. At the same time, they encourage taking care of their body, having fun with activity and eating well. Overall, Granola is living with intentionality and gratitude. You are intentional with your lifestyle choices and grateful for what you have. In those in my life that I have related to this aesthetic, I see neverending kindness and warmth. 

This sounds great, right?

Being Careful with Aesthetics

I realized that my infatuation for the aesthetic was based on a need for a label. Labels are like the ultimate comfort blanket. They give us community, an identity, a guide for how to approach the world. On the surface, this seems like a dream. But as a guide for how to act and who to be, labels lack greatly in further self-discovery. I will always have an appreciation for the “Granola Girl” aesthetic, for exposing me to resources such as sustainable clothing stores and National parks near me. But the aesthetic can exist without the label of “Granola.” I can be warm and kind, environmentally conscious and adventurous, but I can also stay home, enjoy television…appreciate citylife.

After all, as Taylor Swift says, “We are a Patchwork Quilt.” And the more patches there are, the prettier the quilt may be. 


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