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    What You May Not Know About Teen Pregnancy

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    Some Light Of Truth Behind Teen Pregnancy

    ( authors note: hey guys, it’s bri! so many tend to view teen pregnancy as a “disgrace” or “mistake”, although I would never encourage a teenager to get pregnant or have a baby, I still feel that things happen and it’s how we recover from them and how we decided on how to continue to live our future lives is what matters. Some of us don’t understand what teenagers go through, high school is already hard enough but then adding being pregnant is a whole different ball game. I just wanted to shed some light on what actually occurs with a pregnant teenager. This is an opinionated-educational article, therefore, this doesnt mean this occurs with every pregnant teenager, this is just a pregnant teen telling her story while trying to educate someone on what may occur being a pregnant teen.
    bri xx )

    Name: Kaitlyn
    Age: 18
    Race: White
    Age You Found Out You Were Pregnant: 17
    Due Date: September 2019

    1. What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

    I was terrified,  I never wanted kids and when I found out I just sat there emotionless. I immediately thought about how my life was about to change.

    2. Who was the first person you told and why?

    One of my friends who was there in that moment. I was so freaked out that I just needed to vent to someone.

    3. Have you told your parents? Were you surprised at their reactions?

    I told my mom over the phone and soon told my stepmom who soon told my dad. My mom actually was really excited about having a grandbaby which was kind of surprising but I also knew that would’ve been her reaction. My dad was also supportive but gave me the truth about teen parenting and how hard it was going to be.

    4. What were some things you thought about during your first trimester?

    I was very sick and couldn’t eat. Also, very depressed and nervous about how I would be looked at and how I would support my child, and buying diapers and formula and things like that. Thoughts about adoption or abortion occurred and I also thought about how my physical body image would change.

    5. What were people’s reactions at school, in your neighborhood, your friends, etc.

    My whole family seemed excited and happy but there were people that told me I was too young and I should give him away but overall my family was supportive and so were my friends. People at school of course judged me and talked about me but it’s my life and I really doesn’t care what they say. I just ignore them.

    6. How far along are you?
    31 weeks

    7. How do you feel now that you have grown? Has anyone’s reaction changed? Has your mindset changed?

    I’m still a little scared and nervous but excited to be a mother! Feeling him kick and hearing his heartbeat has made me feel so close to my son and I never thought I could love another human so much that I haven’t met yet. All of my family and friends are still happy and supportive. I feel that being pregnant has made me want to better myself and my future. I want to grow up and be more mature.

    8. Are you happy with your decision of keeping your baby?

    Like she said before she is overall very happy and excited, and unlike in the past, would never dream of giving him away.

    9. How do you feel about the adults in this generation looking down on pregnant teens?

    “I think that as an adult they’re gonna judge young girls who are pregnant regardless because I guess that’s an adult thing to do but honestly I think it’s ridiculous. I mean sure young people should of course wait because it is a huge responsibility but if this young girl is keeping her baby and is changing for the better or trying her hardest to provide for her child and make life better for the both of them then honestly how is it harming your life? I mean also adults are gonna judge a young girl if she decides to give it up for adoption or even get an abortion so there is really no winning here but I mean if it isn’t affecting your life then why even speak on it.”

    10. What is one huge life lesson you’re gonna teach your baby?

    To be respectful and nice to others because you never know what a person is going through and words hurt, so just treat people how you want to be treated.

    11. Overall, how do you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally?

    Mentally I feel good and happy, physically very tired and exhausted and my emotions are everywhere which becomes part of it. After my baby boy is here, I am planning on taking classes and getting a job in my dream career which is cosmetology and just doing the best, not just for me, but for my baby boy.

    Again, this article is not to promote teen pregnancy but it is here to show that teens that are pregnant aren’t a disgrace or should be looked down on. There are female celebrities / influencers who had children young and are very successful. I support most young females and will not shame any young female for their personal life decisions. Although, I do believe safe sex is a need while in high school because things do happen so if you are having sex as a teenger, please pratice safe sex.

    much love,

    bri xx

    Girlspring is a platform for girls to express themselves, write about relevant issues, and discuss their views. The views expressed on do not reflect the views of GirlSpring. Teen pregnancy is a serious issue. For information on how to prevent teen pregnancy, please visit one of the following resources.