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    Peak Homework Playlist

    Back to School


    As it’s just as hot, the leaves are just as green, and the community pool is still open, just one thing has changed…School has started! Lake days become test days, while kitchen counters become work spaces, it’s hard to avoid what many of us most dread about school, the homework. Some may put it off until late at night, right before bed, while others prefer to do it first thing after school, but it’s universally known that homework can be hard to get done.

    Among a multitude of methods to make homework less unbearable, many have found success in music. Whether it creates a calm and stress free environment or to motivate you with beats of great intensity, music has proven to be magical when it comes to manipulating life into what the listener desires. As a fond listener of any and all types of music, I have compiled a list of songs for each subject of school so that each choice helps you focus to your best ability.

    English & History

    For those who don’t want to read listening to classical, but can’t focus when their favorite songs are on:

    Bon Iver- For Emma

    Bon Iver – Wash

    Bon Iver – Flume

    Bon Iver – Calgary

    Bon Iver – Beach Baby

    Justin Der – Self Control

    Justin Der – Earfquake

    Justin Der – How Deep is Your Love

    Justin Der – Blessed


    And for those who don’t mind those classical tunes

    Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack – Dario Marianelli

    Johann Sebastian Bach


    Science & Math

    For those of you who want to grind their worksheets:

    Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

    Pitbull – Time of Our Lives

    Pitbull – Give Me Everything

    Macklemore – Thrift Shop

    Beyonce – Cuff It

    Tyler, The Creator – Best Interest

    Flo Rida – Low

    Beyonce – Crazy in Love


    For those who want to vibe to the word problems (mellow R&B):

    Proxima Parada – Musta Been a Ghost

    Childish Gambino – Sober

    Daniel Caesar – Get You

    Daniel Caesar – Always

    Daniel Caesar – Japanese Denim

    Brent Faiyaz – Clouded

    Leon Bridges – River

    Leon Bridges – Better Man

    Leon Bridges – Texas Sun

    Steve Lacy – C U Girl

    Steve Lacy – Infrunami

    Joesef – Think that I Don’t Need Your Love



    If you thought these were helpful, don’t forget to click the link to check out more musical inspirations for school from Girl Spring contributor Eden!