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Women in Business Series: Amy Jason of Cookie Fix

Women in Business

A while back, I reached out to Amy Jason wondering if she would be interested in doing an interview as a woman in business. She is the owner of the delicious company Cookie Fix. If you don’t recognize the company name and find you live around one of their locations, I highly suggest you change that and try any of their cookies.

I thought, how does someone become the master behind a life changing product?, And Mrs. Jason was more than willing to answer my questions! Here are some key takeaways from a successful woman in business that may interest you!!

How it Started

Mrs. Jason detailed how growing up she and her family always had a little sweet tooth. With the support of her parents, she continued to bake for them as a fun activity and for her own experimentation. After having kids, she picked up the hobby again as a way to gift friends and family, but never really considered expanding her baked goods for profit.

However, after trying numerous recipes claiming they were the “best,” Jason always came back to her own cookies and realized that other people might agree with her. Starting with her oatmeal toffee chocolate chip cookie, she started to grow her business by selling cookies for pickup from her house. Amy said it was the push and support of friends and mentors that got her to finalize her decision and open up a cookie store.

With some guidance from Andy McMakin, husband of the Ashley Mac, Mrs. Jason was reassured in her expansion into the business world. She details that the help of experienced mentors was crucial to her opening this new chapter of her life. With their encouragement, Jason became happy to provide for the community the perfect pick me up treat: cookies!

Inspiring Women

Moreover, Mrs. Jason advises girls to continue what they love in life. Instead of doing something that feels like work, she says to just follow the energy of whatever you are naturally passionate about that can make you happiest in life. She suggests striving to be the best you can at your favorite thing, and it will all work out!

She had a passion for cookies and she was able to combine this with other things that brought her joy like organizing, decorating, and meal prepping to make the business that was true to her. Whether you have to create it yourself or it is already out there, a place for your passion is waiting so go after it! With help and support from those around you, finding a job doing what you love will steer you away from the stereotypical dread of work. 


Cookie Fix is a staple in Alabama and has locations in Cahaba Heights, Homewood, Twickenham Square, and coming soon to Franklin, Tennessee! They’re known for having tall cookies stuffed with goodies that are still crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Their menu rotates every week with different flavors options on each day that can be found on their “cookie calendar” on their website. Go check them out and support a delicious, woman owned business!


Here’s more on how you can consider starting a small business just like Amy Jason!


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