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Where I’m from – A Poem Inspired by George Ella Lyon

I’m from steaming plates of Lebanese food
Kibbeh, meat pies, lemon salad
Big hearty laughs and the sound of shuffling cards
On a wooden table in the corner by the oars
I’m from creaky wooden floors and lined white walls
From 70’s music on cool, starry nights
While glasses clink and knives scrape plates
From walking with friends in the summer heat
The taste of cheap milkshakes and greasy fries
From a Christmas Carol, watched twenty times over
And from tears from stories of sorrow and love.
I’m from serious nights, with questions and fears
And from hopeful mornings and new beginnings.
I’m from speeding through sunsets on choppy lake waters
The air spilling through my fingers
the colors splashing onto our faces
I’m from retro video games and sounds of excitement
From words of wisdom whispered to me
And sometimes shouted.
I’m from family in every form
I’m from so much undeserved love.


Find out more about George Ella Lyon here! & click here for more original poetry.


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