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Poem: My Heart Goes Out to You

my heart goes out to you,


boy of the smiley-face moles,

brought out even more profoundly

by the darkening of the summer sun.


remember when we would tell the world

of this great discovery?



I still see that chase in your eyes.

that desire

to illuminate

and bring


upon every face you meet.


wish I could locate the turning point,

the curve or bounce in time

that I could blame

for shadowing the light that shone

under my bed, 

shone through the darkness of my room,

wish I could too,

carry all the emptiness that has devoured you.


I will never understand,

ever feel your hollowness,

that level of desperation

lack of motivation

level of frustration.


all that is tangible,

all that is real,

yet unreal to the terrified child still within you,

is the change,

the tightness in my chest

when you say

“I have something to tell you”


I trust only the distrust,

that comes with being with you,

but it’s not anger,

trust me,

my heart still goes out to you

it’s just

my head,

my mind,

my body

does not know of this lack of control,

there’s no instruction

immediate relief, 

that could fill the hole in you,

we know.

I know.


that’s all I can do. 




and be there for you, 

listen to you,


just lay there with you.


I’ve said it before,


I can see the “old” you,


don’t worry,

I’ll wait ‘til you see it too.



until then,

until we can laugh about the smiley-face moles again,

my heart goes out to you.


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Alejandra Briceno

Hey! I’m Alejandra, a sophomore at Homewood High School. I'm a huge fan of Harry Styles, but I enjoy listening to all genres - my favorites ranging from salsa to modern folk. I also enjoy watching New Girl, reading, and working out!

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