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Album of the Year Song Ranking, A Personal Opinion

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards Show aired on Sunday February 1, 2023. Although there are many categories nominees can win in, Album of the Year is one of the most anticipated. Ten albums were in the running, including ‘Renaissance’ by Beyoncé, ‘30’ by Adele, and ‘Harry’s House’ by Harry Styles. Fans all over the world stayed up to see if their idol would take home this Grammy. In the end, ‘Harry’s House’ received this award, and Harries (fans of Harry Styles) took to social media to express their joy. As a Harrie myself, I was thrilled to watch this album win such a famed award. If you have not listened to the album and want to know an avid Harry Styles listener’s ranking of the songs keep reading!

This ranking is from lowest rated to highest rated.

13. “Boyfriends”

12. “Love Of My Life”

11. “Daylight”

10. “Satellite”

9. “As It Was”

8. “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”

7. “Keep Driving”

6. “Late Night Talking”


4. “Cinema”

3. “Daydreaming”

2. “Grapejuice”

1. “Little Freak”

This is just my ranking for the songs, but feel free to comment what your favorite is if you have listened to it!


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