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    SAT Resources I Found Helpful

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    As someone who just took the SAT, I have to admit that it definitely requires a lot of time and preparation — even multiple methods of studying SAT resources. The concept of standardized testing in general has gained popularity over the years, and many colleges nowadays look forward to seeing how well you do on these exams.

    However, this isn’t a surprise to many people, which is why there are so many resources high schoolers can take advantage of when preparing!

    Here are some SAT resources I found to be helpful.

    College Board

    Who better to ask for help than the creators of the test themselves? Since 1926, the College Board has been developing the SAT throughout generations.

    On their website, students can find real practice tests along with College Board’s solutions/explanations for every single question and prompt.

    Getting the gist of College Board’s reasoning and language can definitely serve as something useful. 

    Khan Academy

    Immediately upon registering for the SAT, College Board sends you an email referencing the website Khan Academy. What Khan Academy does is give you videos of experienced test-takers mapping out the exam as an insight to how the test works.

    Additionally, Khan Academy has several practice tests and individual sections for its visitors, perfect for those who want to practice only their reading, writing, or math skills!

    Prep Scholar

    Prep Scholar offers resources similar to Khan Academy, however, many of my friends and upperclassmen have told me it offers more of a deep-dive. I personally did not use much of Prep Scholar when prepping for the exam, but several have told me about its advantages.


    SAT workbooks are typically the immediate go-to for students who are willing to spend their months and weeks willing to read content concerning the exam.

    The downside of using workbooks is that it requires a lot of attention, consistency, and isn’t individualized.

    However, for those who are completely new to the SAT, I recommend trying one in the absence of a time-crunch!


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