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Tips for School from your Internet Big Sister

Hey, you! Yes, I am talking to you! It’s your internet big sister here. The one person who understands how you feel. I got your back, and I have some fantastic tips and tricks to get through this school year.   


How to study for each subject:  


  • Review notes 
  • Make a cheat sheet and view diagrams or charts to remember math rules
  • Find a website with practice worksheets for the topic
  • Use external resources such as IXL or Khan Academy
  • Play some math games
  • My top recommendation for middle Schoolers and elementary kids – Prodigy


  • Analyze the text/article or book
  • Create a chart to practice recognizing points within the text such as the topic, plot, characters, tools, etc, etc
  • Make some CERs (claim, evidence, reasoning paragraphs)


  • Review notes
  • Drawings
  • Charts and diagrams
  • Videos
  • Go to and practice quizzes on the same topic


  • Make a timeline
  • Make flashcards to memorize different terms and dates
  • Make a practice CER, if you have to write an essay for a history test
  • Review notes
  • Quizlet

Tips for Classes:

  • Don’t be late for classes
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Make friends who encourage you to do your best
  • Join some sports and clubs
  • Participate in school activities such as rallies and spirit weeks
  • Try to map out and memorize where your classes are before school starts
  • Plan out where you and your friends will meet up during lunch
  • Try and have at least one friend in each class (more fun!)

Backpack Tips: 

  • Don’t EVER bring a roller backpack (trust me! many people will hate you)
  • You don’t need to bring absolutely all of your books on the first day of school
  • Only keep items in your backpack that you know you will use

What to put in your backpack: 


  • Pencils 
  • Pens 
  • Glue stick 
  • Pencil pouch 
  • Sticky notes 
  • Eraser 
  • Highlighters 
  • Folder 
  • Notebook  


  • Emergency 10 bucks 
  • Emergency snack 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Tissues 

Ladies Stuff: (keep a special pouch for all of these items) 

  • Hair ties 
  • Bobby pins  
  • Small comb 
  • Lip gloss 
  • Pads/tampons 
  • Extra pair of socks or underwear


Passionate Teen from the Bay Area in CA. Loves to bake and play basketball and attends Dublin High School.

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