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Tackling What Society Throws At Us

Tackling What Society Throws At Us

Whether you know it or not, every girl, every person, has a problem, and nowadays you can blame society for it. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but it’s true, nobody is perfect, and whoever you see on a glowing screen isn’t perfect either.

News Flash! The trick is to be confident, so yes, still care about your personal hygiene, but don’t care about the color, length, or style of your hair. Love yourself no matter your flaws, because as much as you might hate yourself, you’re stuck with you. You got the confidence part down? No? I didn’t think so, here are some bite sized advice to help: 100% TTT {Tried, tested, and true}

1. Don’t tell anyone your crushes

I know it’s hard and I know the feeling of feeling like your going to burst with your secret, but to be honest, if you don’t tell anyone, there’s no chance of him or her knowing behind your back. It feels much worse then your I’m-gonna-burst-with-my-secret-feeling. Much, much worse, and embarrassing.

2. Don’t follow trends you don’t want to

It’s hard trying to know if you truly want something or if it’s just a fad rubbing of on you, but at the end of the day, you’ll know and if you really want it you’ll wait a couple months and it will be much cheaper in most cases. Also ,I know it’s hard not to be pressured by friends or classmates, but to be honest, some fads aren’t that cool when you look back.

3. Rule out the toxic friends

Yep, we are at that point where you might have been in a situation where someone says, “{your name}, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. You’re too toxic for me.” Half of the time, they’re not “breaking up” with you because you’re toxic, but because there still are toxic friends; I’ve had them too. One even chucked a flashlight at me and said, “I’m done with you and all this drama, Zoe!,” when I  confronted her of being mean to me and a friend, while she was sticking her head in all the drama we had, even though nobody wanted her there. Then she ran up a hill and started singing some song. Yep…

To get to my point, toxic friends are people who don’t love you for who you are or look like and only are friends with you for their own gain {a free trip to the mall, popularity, or free stuff}. When you get to the point where you are going to confront a toxic friend, don’t call them toxic, because in my experience that will just give them something to gossip about.

4. Don’t let others determine your worth

This happens to every girl, someone will come along, a friend, a teacher, even a parent or guardian, and they will tell her what they think she’s worth. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, someone always believes this. The trick is to block that out of your head, because you are the only one who can determine your worth, and after you read this I hope you realize you are priceless, worth bazillions, even trillions!

5. Care for yourself

Caring for yourself doesn’t mean a jade roller or a $150 dollar skincare routine, it means taking a shower, wearing clean clothes, and paying attention to your bodily needs! Then afterwards, think about a skincare routine, mine is $40 dollars for a complete set and it’s really good quality. While you’re young you don’t feel effective on how you treat your body, but 10, 20, 30 years from now who knows!? You’re worth so, so much! Would the Louvre just chuck the Mona Lisa around? No! Take care of yourself!!!

6. Be trustworthy

You should be able to have a decent amount of trust if you want to have friends that tell you secrets. Show them that you care and don’t spill their secrets! Then they will trust you and respect you {I know that sounds weird but it’s so true!}

7. Be a good friend

I know we’ve covered toxic friends and trustworthy friends, but this is super important! A friend wants to know you care about them and that you understand, so if you want to make friends you have to be friendly to everybody, yes, even that kid {you know who I’m talking about!}.

When you get into middle school and high school, your friends will be dating, and to be a true friend you need to be there! {I’m not encouraging you to} Be there when your friend’s so stressed she wants to skip class! In high school, it’s literally a whole new world! You won’t know anybody unless a friend goes to the same school, but in most high schools, it’s hard to stick together. Having a likeable personality is like gold.

8. Coping with stress

School gives us stress, friends produce stress, influencers produce stress, and parents produce stress. I could go on and on, so I’ll stick to the basics. Stress is real. Mental breakdowns are real.. Some things that helped me cope with stress were to first identify how I would unconsciously cope. That might be stress eating or self-punishment. Second, I would try to created healthy ways to cope, like venting into painting, journaling, and writing. Third, I would tell someone, whether that be a trusted friend or an adult that I knew would stay with me on the journey.

9. Knowing your true self

So many people I have known have hurt themselves when they don’t know who they are and let others determine who they are. First, you need to realize you’re loved by someone, and that means that you’re worth something in someone’s life, thus then go on from there. I know this sounds silly, but affirmations help.

“I am loved,” “I am kind,” “I am worth so much.”

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helped you realize that you are not alone in whatever you struggle with and that these methods help you. I feel like today, with so much influence from a world a lot of us don’t know, so many girls feel worthless because they have flaws. I’d hate for our generation to be raised like that. Lots of Love to whoever’s on the other side of the screen! You are not alone!!!!


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