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Newly Released Album Highlights


I would consider myself somewhat of a music aficionado. I listen to music 24/7, and enjoy a variety of artists and genres. That being said, I couldn’t call myself a lover of music if I skipped over talking about all of the awesome things that have come out recently. More specifically, three of the newest albums that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. One for the indie inspired, one for the country folks, and one for the edgy girls! So here’s three of the newest (and best) albums to have debuted as of late. 

Zach Bryan-
Zach Bryan

This album is self-titled, and it feels like a piece of Bryan’s soul. Though there are some songs that definitely sound like some of his other work, this album is special in a thousand different ways. From an array of collabs like The Lumineers and Kasey Musgraves, to some of Bryan’s best lyricism, this album has it all. I wish I could make this entire album top tier, but here are my top five tracks: 

      1. Fear and Friday’s (song)

This song is punchy, fun, and perfect for any late night drive. Bryan’s lyricism is perfect and I’d choose the song over the poem any day

      2. East Side of Sorrow

Perfect to sing, scream, or sob to! This song takes on the grief of whatever you need it to. Bryan gives us great lyrics and a few life mantras, just as awesome as ever.

      3. Tourniquet

“If you need a tourniquet or if you need to turn and quit,” perfect, Zach. Absolutely perfect. This song explores grief as it relates to a friend. Maybe not death, but grieving the way it used to be. 

      4. Ticking

Sweet, soulful, and beautiful. An example of the Zach Bryan lyricism that anyone will enjoy. It’s giving up in the purest form, sometimes you just have to cut ties and let go. Zach puts it in some better words.

      5. Hey Driver

War and Treaty! The blend of these voices and the dreamy sound make it nearly perfect. This song is about anything you need it to be, like a support of all of everything. Finding comfort, being happy, doing it all. Reminisce when it’s all over, wish it were all back.

Olivia Rodrigo-

         Rodrigo’s sophomore album GUTS IS nearly everything that SOUR wasn’t. That little flavor of rock that we got from “brutal” was just the tip of the iceberg. This album is almost entirely dedicated to fast-paced, hardcore music. There is a large influence of this newfound rock and roll flair, which makes for some interesting songs. If you enjoyed the little taste of rock in SOUR, then you’re sure to enjoy GUTS. If not, then just listen to it. I promise you’ll find something to enjoy! 

      1. vampire

This song is one of the slowest and most somber of the album. But it’s clever, and is reminiscent of some SOUR tracks.

      2. ballad of a homeschooled girl

This song is ANGSTY! But it is so real in its portrayal of social anxiety and difficulties. Definitely a must listen! 

      3. bad idea, right? 

I know we’ve all heard bits and pieces of this one all over. It’s bold, with calculated lyrics and the perfect beat. This one is like the big sister to “brutal.” 

      4. pretty isn’t pretty

This song handles some really heavy topics masked behind a catchy tune. Rodrigo dives into her deepest insecurities all backed by a rocking band, what makes a better song to scream in the car? 

      5. get him back!

Arguably the catchiest tune on Rodrigo’s album, I can’t get this one out of my head! The lyrics are great, but the chorus is something that you won’t have any trouble getting back in your head.

Tyler Childers – Rustin’ In The Rain

In my opinion, Tyler Childers has continually paved the way for that old country sound in today’s music. Childers’ new album is nothing but that old flair that he’s known for. He hasn’t been quiet about his gospel influences either, dedicating his entire last album to the old Southern hymns that he grew up singing. This album is no exception, with that old sound, gospel flair, and incredible touch that his voice puts on every track. With only seven songs on the collection, here’s my top three:

      1. Luke 2:8-10 

Whether you’re religious or not, anyone can appreciate this song. With the combination of that amazing lyricism and that calm demeanor of the track, this one sticks out to me. All of it is perfect, and hey—give the piano player credit where credit is due! 

     2. Help Me Make It Through The Night

I thought this song was from 50 years ago when I heard it! It has an odd nostalgia to it, like something our grandparents would listen to (in a good way). I would add it to the list of future classics and timeless pieces.

     3. In Your Love

This song is effortless and beautiful. Again with the piano player, great job! Anyone can enjoy it, and I’m calling it now—this will be the wedding song of 2024. Between Childers’ gorgeous voice, simple track, and awesome lyrics, this one makes for one heck of a love song. 


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  • Saniya Vaish

    Vampire is such a Halloween-y song

    September 23, 2023 at 12:51 pm
  • Phoenix Rudolph

    I’m so in love with the new album! <33

    October 1, 2023 at 6:10 pm
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