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Music By: Corra Maddox

Music By: Corra Maddox


It is all around us

It is a living thing

It flows from one place to another

Leaving joy or sorrow in its wake

It tells stories of heroes and villains

True love and heartbreak

Friendships and betrayal

It creates dreams and nightmares

It makes moments powerful

It makes you cry

Or laugh

Or dance

It makes you feel like you are flying

Or falling

It sweeps you up in its arms and carries you to a new place

It envelopes you in its warmth 

It amplifies every emotion

It causes pain and healing

It is a hand to hold through dark times

It is a masterpiece

It is inspiration

It is chaos

It is peace

It is the very essence of what it means to be human

It is creation

It is destruction

It is everything 

It is magic


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