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Shining the Spotlight on Juanes

Who is Juanes?

My sister and I discovered Juanes about a year ago, and we are still listening to his incredible songs and lovely voice today. Juanes is a Colombian singer and songwriter known for his profound songs of love and struggle. Born Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez in 1972, he began lessons in piano and music at the age of two. Juanes plays many instruments, including the piano, guitar, and many others.

Much like another well-known artist; Taylor Swift, Juanes has ten solo albums that explore a vast variety of genres. These albums in order are Fíjate Bien, Un día normal, Mi Sangre, La Vida…Es Un Ratico, P.A.R.C.E, Loco de Amor, Mis Planes son Amarte, Más Futuro Que Pasado, Origen, and Vida cotidiana.

Some songs, such as his famous Me Enamora, are rock songs with heavy guitar instrumentalization and an upbeat tempo. Others, like Mis Planes son Amarte, are slower, more jazzy songs. Whatever genre though, Juanes’ lyrics are profound and carefully selected. Each song shows a full and beautiful perspective on life, often offering views on the struggles and passion of romantic and patriotic love and the strive for social change.

A Deeper Meaning

Some of Juanes’ most heartbreaking and genuine songs are about the grief of the state of his home country, Colombia, and the rigid hope he still has for it. Bloody conflicts have plagued the country since Juanes was young. Unfortunately, they still plague the country today. Juanes grew up in Medellín, Colombia, when the city had the highest homicide rate in the world.

He lived through a bloody civil war that forever changed him. Despite all this tragedy, however, Juanes continues to have hope for his country, and his songs reflect that hope. “Colombia has suffered so much that the only way to go forward is to imagine a better country,” he once said. He claimed, “para mi, hacer música que no tenga luz no cabe. La misión que vinimos a aprender a esta tierra…es amar.” (for me, to make music without light [without hope] doesn’t work. The mission we came to learn on this earth is to love.)

Below are some of my favorite songs and lyrics by Juanes. I highly recommend every one of his songs!

~Favorite lyrics~

“No te olvides de estos hombres
Que el viento silbe sus nombres
Pa’ darles honra, pa’ darles vida
Pa’ darles vida
Que nuestra gente
No se nos quede desaparecida.”

“Don’t forget these people
Let the wind whistle their names
To give them honor, to give them life
To give them life
So that our people will never disappear.” )

“Este mundo necesita amor
Una actitud diferente
Si de amor llenas tu corazón
Más tranquila es tu mente.”

“This world needs love
A different attitude
If you fill your heart with love
Your mind is more at peace.”

~Favorite songs~

A Dios le Pido (Un Día normal)
Me Enamora (La Vida…Es un Ratico)
La Camisa Negra (Mi Sangre)
Hermosa Ingrata (Mis Planes son Amarte)
Actitud (Mis Planes son Amarte)
Mis Planes Son Amarte (Mis Planes son Amarte)
Es Tarde (Mis Planes son Amarte)
El Ratico (Mis Planes son Amarte)

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